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just what's on my mind today
Well it was a big day in Iraq today! They are shooting off fireworks In Baghdad and Tikrit, with no mustard gas attached this time. That fact alone makes everyone there immensely happy. They are taking their country back. They have overcome!

But.. overcome what?

Am I the only who thinks they didn't actually do anything take their country back? I guess that is a bit unfair I mean some of them did try, and many were slaughtered for it. It just seems to me that people will take better care of what they worked hard for and earned on their own than they will something that was in large part handed to them. It is for this reason I worry about the fate of Iraq when all the political dust settles how it may.

It is also for this reason I worry about the state of America today. We were mostly handed our country also. We weren't living in the woods drinking whiskey and eating squirrel meat dodging bullets from redcoats (Of course, dodging is an overstatement as they could only fire one bullet every two minutes). None of us were on the battlefields or in the President's office with George Washington. And while Thomas Jefferson is a great-uncle of mine way down the line I did not know him and certainly lay claim to none of his intellect. People say our children are spoiled more today than ever before, but this is only because their parents are more spoiled than any generation in the history of the world.

We had a paradise handed to us and we let it fall apart bickering over a million things that do not matter at all while forgetting to take care of what we had and diligently protecting it like our ancestors did. Our elected leaders have let us down horribly dating all the way back to at least the 1960's, all of them. How do you even begin to turn around a losing streak like that? Dark days ahead folks, very dark days.

Our infrastructure is falling apart and will begin failing soon with near-catastrophic results. Our economy is about to collapse and we will be back to a two-class system, the haves and the other poor schmucks. Middle class you are going away, so if you're going to climb out you better get your preppy asses to work right now. I'll be down here with the other poor schmucks living in what could rapidly turn into a 3rd world country.

So for one day, yes we need to worry about Iraq and what is going to come of a struggling, shaky democracy. Then tomorrow we need to realize we may have more in common with the Iraqi people than we think and start worrying about our own country, getting serious about fixing it now.

All we have to do is make sure that no one currently in power in Washington is allowed to continue there in any capacity!

Man, we are screwed.

Seems to me that's the way it be.
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