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This is a column on life, and time, and ones inner happiness.
Something that is constant in every single persons life yet no one ever seems to grasp time. A second, a minute, an hour, a day, a month, a year, a decade, a century, or a lifetime. Time is what heals all wounds because its a recurring reminder that we are human and life goes on. With youth comes mistakes and with age comes wisdom, wisdom of knowing that life goes on and what doesn't kill always will make you stronger. One must not live life thinking of themselves as the victim but know that life is what you make out of it. What you give to your life is what you will get back. Negativity captures many of our lives while in a state of depression that causes us to have this numb feeling of our feelings and we eventually find it ok to be sad. Who says that every individual on this planet earth doesn't have a right to be happy?. And if someone does say that; is the person stating this happy himself?. I answer this with the only answer that overpowers many nowadays and thats dominance: the power to show everyone what you really are made of, and what are your possibilities. Now in this lifetime many of us go after personal goals and never seem to link up with one another because everyone cares only about one person, and its the person you see when you glance in the mirror. All these daily rules we follow but who has made these unwritten rules, of going to the monday through friday nine to five to make payments on stuff which just get you by. Who made the dollar? Just to cause more problems and decrease the peace between all mankind. Giving money value to things in life which shouldn't be gained by what you could do, but on what you can DO for yourselves happiness. Clocks will never stop, and time will pass and before you know it if your unhappy today, and you go to sleep not doing anything you will wake up unhappy, and relive yesterdays miseries today with pain and agony that doesn't heal from one day to another, because there is nothing worse than recurring pain that just builds up that only hurts you, your self esteem, and causes you to have countless insecurities. One could feel sad today but time will heal all wounds; remember scrapped knees as a child and you running to your mom thinking that the pain will leave? take  a look at your knees and see if you see that blood or remember that pain? Or maybe the pain you have is something way more deep, something so emotional that only you know; well maybe this is just how life works and if the person who caused this pain is finding it hard to care you should ask yourself the same question? is this really worth bursting to tears daily? No its not, someones stupidities shouldnt be the reason why you find yourself doubting YOURSELF. live life and be happy because time is something that cant never stop or be taken back. Thats the lesson of life that you only do things once, and that its ok to mess up and say darn i really messed up but theres nothing better than seeing a helping hand to help back to see the light of happiness that can be introduced into your life with just a act of love, and slowly you will change.
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