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An Article that I wrote for a VFW contest finishing 4th in my state as a junior
Service and Sacrifice by America's Veterans Benefit Today's Youth by allowing us to do things that would otherwise be impossible. Every one of America’s Veterans have understood that freedom is not given to us; Freedom must be earned. Their sacrifice allows today’s youth to vote, drive, work, practice our religion, and most of all, look forward to a future with unlimited possibilities in America. Without the sacrifices of all of our veterans in all the wars, we would not exist, we would not be free, and we would not be able to practice our Civil Rights and Liberties. One thing that I am so grateful for, is the fact that even though America is facing some very alarming social and moral decisions presently, I know that my generation and others will have every possibility to change anything that we disagree on; this is not the case for a majority of countries across the globe. We have the ability to vote in new leadership, and change any public policy that we believed need addressed. This would never be allowed to happen if the previous generations hadn’t stepped up to the rest of the world and declared independence, freed people, protected a race of people in concentration camps, defending us against terrorism, and removing dictators over terrorist-ridden countries. If it was not for our veterans, we would not exist. I am so grateful that I can wake up securely in my home, while countries in the Middle East have people waking up to gunshots, and car bombs exploding a mere mile away. The Youth of this country are given a great gift; a gift that we should never take lightly, and a gift that has been paid for by millions of American lives. We were given a gift of Freedom that should never be taken for granted, a gift that will in the not-so-distant future require us to protect, whether we’re soldiers, politicians, parents, teacher, etc. I am grateful that we have been so blessed to have men and women who are willing to give even their lives so that their children will be given a better America than what they had. I had the honor of meeting a veteran on my trip to Washington D.C. in the eighth grade. I met a man at the Vietnam War Memorial. At First, this man appeared to be just another tourist who wanted to read a list of heroes’ names. However, when my small group of five came closer, we could see him crying. I personally got to talk to one of America’s greatest heroes that day. This man was a veteran of the Vietnam War, and was reading the names of his friends that had lost their lives in combat. Upon further conversation, I found that this man was not only a hero, but he had raised two heroes as well; both of his sons are currently serving America in the War on Terror. This man and his sons, to me, are the ultimate heroes. He not only was willing to sacrifice his life, but he and his wife had given birth to two children who are just as willing to do the same. These type of men and women are influencing today’s youth, and these types of men and women are ready to take the great blessings that exist in America, particularly Freedom, and defend it, and advance it further so that the next generation of youth will have a better environment and chance to do the same for their children.

I believe that if it had not been for America’s Veterans, my generation would not have the amazing opportunity to give what we have to the next generation. We have been given Freedom paid for by millions of American lives, and we must never forget the sacrifices of ALL veterans, from The American Revolution to the War on Terror, and every war in-between. I am so thankful for our true heroes; America’s Veterans.
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