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"the fireworks thrill and stir us/Will the good folks embarrass the strange?"
When your world has dignity and purpose,
And your talents have some range,
And the fireworks thrill and stir us,
Will the good folks embarrass the strange?

Love is a feeling of normal relations,
Amid the quality, compassion of some,
Filling one’s plates at buffet stations,
There’s lasting fight in every crumb…

God rescues those who beg for mercy
As they pray devoutly gazing above,
But those who feel they’re getting any
Acquire wealth when push comes to shove.

Much of the world, still edgy and shaken,
Fear the funk that’s all the rage,
And the good people, alone or taken,
Can listen to words around a birdcage…

The funky attitude that makes life grand,
As the mysteries of life and passions evolve,
Seems quite appropriate for those who demand
An earth where love and happiness revolve!
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