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this incident actually happened
You lazy stupid man
Is there anything you can
Do right anymore
You son of a whore

Daddy’s standing there
Shaving, looking in the mirror
Not seeming to acknowledge
My mother’s hateful verbiage

He’s just shaving with a stare
Seemingly unaware
Of my mothers words like acid
Rather, he’s placid

She continues her diatribe
Seeming to imbibe
Her hatred lustfully
However unjustly

Deserved by my father
Why does he bother
To stay
And live this way

Stop it, I say
Stop it, today
You hateful mean bitch
Stupid old witch

I’m sick of the hateful sounds
Barely a hundred pounds
And five feet tall
Momma backhands me into the wall

Her voice shrill
And I feel a chill
As I see the hatred in her eyes
That she can’t disguise

For me her daughter
As she hits me harder
I try to block her blows
God only knows

But that just incites
And excites
Her fierce anger
I know I’m in danger

Finally she’s finished
And I’m diminished
To a shaking huddle
Sitting in a puddle

Of my own pee
Just me
While Daddy still stares

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