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Beginning of a novel I am working on part one of chapter one.
Chapter 1

Lying in the dark of his apartment in the French Quarter Ronan sees images of strange people. He feels strangely connected to theses people but doesn't reconize any of them except of one. A talk dark haired man with ice blue eyes. If you first saw this man you would think his eyes were cold and uncaring but Ronan however knows different. He has been seeing those eyes for as long as he can remember. They weren't cold and uncaring as they appeared to be.

It was always more vivid when he drifted off to sleep. He could fully interact with the man he'd come to know as Gabriel. Thing was he wasnt a man Gabriel at least not a human one. Anytime he appeared in one of the dreams it was after the sun went down and he always just appeared when Ronan thought of him. He never told anyone about Gabriel for fear they would all think he lost his mind.

What had felt like minutes was really hours of sleep. Gabriel showed in the dream again as always but said nothing and vanished. His alarm clock buzzing Ronan reached over growling and turned it off. The room was still dark. He blinked a few times to adjust his eyes before standing up.
"Damn it 5:30 already!!"
He walks a few steps and streches making his back and shoulders pop. He walks to the bathroom smacking his foot on the doorway.
"Son of a bitch! That hurt."
He growls in pain.
"Only you after a year Ron would still do that."
He shakes his head and turns on the light to take a shower.

Ronan had moved from Junction City , Kansas a year ago to New Orleans. He had to get away from the farms and the normal crime there before he went crazy. Nothing big ever happened to him on the force there.There were a few people both on and off the force back in Kansas who thought he was a bit off in the head. Here he didn't feel that. Here he felt at home.
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