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by RwLe27
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The beginning of a short story I'm working on. Need some opinions before I begin.
Thomas Kyre found himself gazing down on the earth. The silence and darkness of space encompassed him, and yet he was safe from harm. He viewed the surface of the planet as a simple observer. The stars, though light years from the small planet, enveloped the earth in their gentle but brilliant rays. The terrain was a vivid hue of greens and blues, showing him the serenity and purity of its surface. Mountain ranges poked up above the thin layers of cloud cover. This was his home. He was at complete peace watching his beautiful planet from above.

As he floated closer and closer to the earth, he began to notice change in the surface. The once lush, green forests began to turn crimson. The deep, aquatic blue of the seas began to vanish. The skies that were just so gentle and harmonious permeated with dark grey smoke and ash. Before his very eyes, in a matter of seconds, the earth had turned into a wasteland. He was powerless, hovering hundreds of miles away. The surface of the once beautiful planet turned to chaos. He could hear thunder crackle in the distance, but the sound drew closer and closer. It eventually filled his ears so that he could barely stand the volume. He tried to scream, but his effort was useless. No sound came out into the depths of space. The earth’s surface bubbled with fire now. The very stars around him seemed to be vanishing, and he was left in complete and total darkness.

The thunder still echoed in his head as Thomas Kyre woke up in a cold sweat.
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