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Where did the star go?
The arch is short for the archipelago, which as all good archians know is what there cluster of islands is called. There are islands of all shapes and sizes, some only as big as a rock. Some are big enough to support several kingdoms on it. There are three hundred minor kingdoms whose families are record in the Great Book and twelve major families that rule supreme. The seven are the closest relatives of the conqueror of the arch Ferdinand the Strong. When he came from across the sea to the arch, he brought with him the star. No one knows what the star was or how it came to be. They just know that whoever the star glows for will bring peace to the squabbling kings and justice to the people. The star was handed from father to son but the star has not glowed for any one in the high-king's line for three generations and the kings of the minor kingdoms are starting to have delusions of glory. One particular king made a mistake that changed the arch forever.
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