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Don't let others criticize you. Grab the chance to strongly depend your side.
                                                                                “You Criticize Me”

                                                                              By Lizelle T. Tabaquero

                                                                                  “Ouch, it hurts!”

      That’s how much I feel when you want me to be down… Well, right now you absolutely make me feel inferior.

      I am not like you and you already know that you are more brilliant than me, but why are you still wasting time on saying na├»ve words to make me weak, then looking from my head to toe. As if your eyes want to say that I should not exist in the world.

      You’re treating me as your greatest enemy and destroying my nice personality to others. It’s not fair, you always pretend as one of my friends but when I’m not around, you gossip my negative qualities and my secrets, just to make them think that I am bad.

      I guess you should wear eyeglasses made from God’s angels. So that you’ll realize that your limitations as human was now on the finish line and you’re just hitting below the belt of his artwork. If I am God, I will tell you that you commit a sin and must punish for it, so you must not envy everything from me.

      If you believe that you are unique, then stop pretending to be like a professional reader who can judge an article smoothly that was written by beginner author. If you are in my position, I know you’ll also say this, word for word. "So don’t criticize me!"


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