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by Mario
Rated: 13+ · Lyrics · Dark · #1577639
video and longer description here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7DolVbzOQxU
Poison Ivy, when we kiss, it’s like poison on my lips
And the thing that’s strange to me is this:  That you seem so innocent
But the things that you do make me wonder just how innocent you are

Poison Ivy, you’re inside of me, you can’t hide from me
Because everything you do I can see
(Yeah, I said everything you do I can see)

Poison Ivy, you remind me of a flower in bloom
And all of these feelings inside of me will make the storm clouds loom
Poison Ivy, you’re a jewel.  You’re a crown on the head of a fool
Oh, and when life is through, what’s going to happen to you?
Poison Ivy won’t you let me be on this road your guide?
I can take you to all the places that you can’t see with your mind


Poison Ivy, do you realize what only I understand?
All of those other guys don’t really love you; they just want to get in your pants
And when everything you know is torn asunder, what will you do? Give in to the hunger?


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