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Tossed out of a car it took us 6 months to rescue this kitten...what a survivor.
Little Miss Patchitha was rescued by us,
With out too much mess or too much fuss
Leaving her wild life behind, in the dust.
She is now living in absolute heaven
But still not too sure if she should trust.

She had to endure two feline brothers
Along with a catty couple of others,
Both female, and with whom she had her druthers.
Moving indoors it seemed to her
Would keep her in continual pothers.

Nemeses the three had become
The brothers always working as one,
Tormenting Patchi and not just for fun.
Their unending goal to get rid of her
Had only just begun.

The two of them seem to think
“Let’s treat her like an intruder, thrown in the clink,
Going into her room to eat and drink.
Deprive her of all necessities will
Push her to the edge, to the brink.”

She was as crafty as a little fox
Always thinking around the two simple jocks.
While the boys were busy with their feeble blocks
She was dining on the food in their room and
Even using their litter box!

She took to sleeping in their personal space
Not caring how she disrupted the place
This was her new home, this was the case
Of Patchi finding herself warm and loved and
Dreaming of the end of a long, cold race.
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