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Light peeps through the blinds.
I made it through another night.
Do I want to dread another work day,
Another drama with difficult people?
Or do I want to be upbeat and thankful,
Anticipating new opportunities for joy
Amidst the heartbreaks?
I can’t decide yet.
My head knows, but my body can’t catch up.


(can be sung to tune of Faith of Our Fathers)

God is especially fond of you.
Though you may fail and lose your way.
Patiently he waits and longs for you
To commune with Him, in His love to stay.

Since he designed you, giving you life,
He has watched o'er you day and night.
He's been close to you in all of your strife,
Urging you out of dark into light.

You must face sorrows, tears, and pain,
Your heart may break, but he'll see you through.
And though your guilt and missteps remain,
He'll show you love, great things He can do.

God wants you living in joy and love,
Relying on Him in all that you do.
Trusting His wisdom from above,
Find strength in Him and solace, too.

God is especially fond of you.
He wants for you to love Him, too.
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