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Pro choice but,confusing.
Innocent Bullets-Scene One out of One
Silence Is Required
[ Music: Everlong- Foo Fighters]
Characters: Ride and Hayden

A car pulls up to and old building, in contrast the car is a Mustang of the year.
Everlong plays sadly in the background.

Ride VO:
You think that by know they would have the balls to tell us the truth.
And not be afraid of, what we're going to do.

She looks at Hayden as she lights a cigarette,he nervously grips the wheel.

Are You sure you want to do this?

We didn't just drive up here for nothing.

I guess we didn't. But, Ride..I mean don't you think there was a reason, she,you know?

Ride Turns her head towards the building.She shoves her hand roughly threw her hair.

There never is a good reason to hurt a child, not even me.

At This Point the Chorus of 'Everlong' would kick in hard and strong.
Ride turns toward the house and starts her way up a long narrow path.
The Camera Angles itself so that it shows only her boots hitting the floor.

Ride VO:
I heard somewhere, or maybe I read it, that you should never punish your children. Not because,it hurts them,not because it doesn't work. But because, they have the will and the armor to shoot you down.

As she says this the camera pans the property.
Closing up on a broken flower pot with all the dirt spilling out.
The flowers lay on the side wilting.

Molly,...I just. We don't even know if where keeping it!

The camera does a dizzying spin, landing on Molly Rides tummy where she has placed a protecting hand.
Ride shakes her head.

The only thing I'm not sure about Hayden, is whether or not to keep you.

The camera follows up the path to where Ride stands now, at the door.

Ride VO:
They called it Patricide. Another article called it Innocent Bullets.
And then I wondered, I almost killed you... what would stop you from almost killing me?

At the last line the door swings open.

Mom,...I'm pregnant.

...out of her head she sang.

Cut Music.
Cut Picture.
End Scene1-1 For Innocent Bullets.

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