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The world finally sees the arrival of World War III and it's true horrors...

         For years the world prayed that the day would never come. We prayed that we would never see another war as devastating as the war in 1945. We prayed that no other city would have to suffer the devastation we brought to the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. We hoped for the new day ahead when the whole world would unite as one and forgive every wrong that they had made against one another.

         A lot of hopes for the future were shattered the day of July 8th, 2024. That day, we saw lives erased into a memory. We saw cities that were once glorious and full of life, transformed into a nightmare of fire, ash, and death. We saw the world get on it's knees and pray like never before.

         It was the day we saw the rise of the new world...and the war it would bring to destroy all who opposed it...


         They called him the Angel of Death. Lars was his name, Lars Anselmo. He was one of the most dangerous men alive. His past was a mystery to all who knew him. The closest anyone has gotten to know anything about this man's past, was that at age 5, he forgot what love was. He knew none, felt none, and therefore, showed none.
         Lars, a smoker, was a soldier you always gave space. You were quick to learn to respect him, and you were quick to learn if you ever pissed him off. Lars didn't give a rat's ass about fellow soldiers. Some say that he actually smiled during a severe punishment of 150 lashes for almost killing a fellow soldier in his bed for a small insult that Lars appearently took seriously. On the battlefield, he was death in flight. His skills with a sniper rifle were unbelievable. He always carried it with him, and treated it like a father would a son.
         And he was now entering a small city located just outside of Berlin, the capitol of Germany. He walked down the small street alongside many soldiers of his division. All were in groups and talking about pretty much anything, from their wives, to the score of last night's Yankee baseball game. There were others going down the street as well, only in the opposite direction of the soldiers. These were the cities residents, and they were under mandatory evacuation. Men, women, and children were packing up and leaving their homes in the wake of the growing threat of Russian invasion.
         Lars didn't care about them. He didn't give a rat's ass about them, his superiors, his fellow soldiers, and he certainly didn't give a rat's ass about the growing Russian threat.
         It all started a few weeks ago. Russia rose out of some hard times and became a threatening world power. It began acting almost exactly like Nazi Germany in the days prior to WWII. It invaded its neighboring countries. Some countries welcomed the Russians, some tried opposing them and were easily defeated in the process. Russia was making it clear to the world, that the time had come for the Soviet Union to reunite, only bigger, and stronger.
         Talks within the U.N. began almost immediately as one by one, more and more countries fell. Negotiations and offers were made, all of them were turned down. Russia would not be stopped, and very quickly, it gained a valuable ally in China. China allied itself with Russia and also began to invade. Asia was no challenge really to conquer. Japan itself was lucky to escape invasion for the moment. Europe was experiencing that same problem with Russia, invasion, one that was not easily put down.
         This was why Lars was here. Russia was an unwelcome guest,knocking on Germany's door with a battering ram. Lars was here to help barricade the entrance. How they would actually stop the invasion, was out of the question in everyone's mind.
         Russia had ammased a huge army, armies larger than what the world had seen. It was so large that Lars wondered in any men in Russian had a normal job anymore.
         It didn't matter. Lars continued down the street.
         A group of soldiers stood outside a television store, staring at the screens, displaying the news of Germany.

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