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Epic duel between forces of good and evil, with a twist.
The Duel

         The two enemies peered at each other from across the barren valley below, both eager to bring closure to their long standing rivalry.  On the eastern edge, atop the bright green hills of the Meadowvale border, stood Prince Righteous and his Defenders of Good.  Their magnificent armor twinkled in the sunlight which came beaming in through the clouds above them.  They were the last line of defense for what remained of the virtuous kingdoms.  On the western edge, scattered over the wasteland of jagged rocks and felled trees, was the Demon King and his Minions of Darkness.  Death and despair followed in their wake, scarring the land as they passed and darkening the sky wherever they ventured.  Chaos was their only aim, and they had but one last battle to endure before achieving their terrible victory.

         The two armies rushed toward each other at an incredible velocity, colliding with such force that many thought they heard thunder.  The ground trembled and cracked beneath the feet of the warring parties.  Prince Righteous and the Demon King were on a direct collision course themselves.  Paying little heed to the lesser obstacles of their rival’s army, they cut and hacked their way through the multitudes of underlings between them.  Their warpaths raged on virtually unimpeded until the two giants found themselves face to face.  The entire battle ceased as all combatants turned their attention to the ominous figures that towered above them.

         “All must fall to my army of doom,” shrieked the Demon King.

         “Your evil shall not discourage us, foul beast,” returned Prince Righteous.

         “I will kill you all!”

         “You will kill none of us!”

         “Death to the do-gooders!”

         And without granting the prince an opportunity to respond, the Demon King swung his gigantic fire axe at his rival.  Prince Righteous gracefully dodged the blow, which instead ripped through several of his men who had made the unfortunate mistake of standing too close to the duel.  The Demon King raised his weapon high above his head as though the fight had already been won.  His minions cheered and howled in delight, raising their own weapons in mimicking fashion.  In an instant, Prince Righteous darted in the direction of his nemesis.  He narrowly evaded two more sweeping blows of his enemy's axe before jumping back out of striking range.  Again, the Demon King and his underlings celebrated their assumed victory.  Darkness began to overtake the sky above the battlefield, dampening the hearts of the prince's noble forces. 

    But Prince Righteous was not so easily disheartened.  His keen eye had recognized that each of his enemy's strokes were nearly identical, an easy flaw to exploit.  With supreme confidence, he dashed toward his nemesis.  Effortlessly, he dodged the Demon King's predictable axe swing and dealt what he presumed would be a fatal blow.  The Defenders of Good threw their arms into the air, rejoicing as the tides of war seemed to take a sudden turn.  The Demon King paused.  He looked surprised, disappointed, insulted.  He shook himself out of his daze then pushed the prince away, laughing wickedly as he did so.  Prince Righteous, unwavering in his bravery, threw himself immediately back toward the Demon King.  The good prince landed several more would-be death blows on his outmatched opponent then froze in bewilderment at the fiend's refusal to die.

         “No fair,” cried the prince.  “I killed you like six times.”

         “Naw ah,” replied his adversary.  “I’m invincible.”

         “No, you’re stupid,” retorted the prince, who then threw down his sword of righteousness and ran off to play on the monkey bars instead.
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