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The penguins can't take the brutal heat of the summer. Ice cream may solve this problem.
Hot! Hot! Well it's severely hot! The zoo in Newyork is catching flames! Okay...who would have thought that it would be that hot! The humidity brushes over everyone's face and people gasp for ice cold refreshing water. Can you feel the intensity of the heat? I can feel sweat run down my back this very moment. The zoo...so HOT!!! The water for the habitats boil like water in a raging pot.

Anyway...our story begins in the penguin habitat. Four live there. Their names are Skipper (leader) Kowalski (strategist) Rico (explosives) and Private (special operations). And here is how the story goes...

[Skipper lays on the cement flooring of the habitat with a bucket of water raised over his head, just waiting to be drenched.]

Skipper: Can it possibly get any hotter than this?! I mean it's so hot that this plastic bucket is starting to melt and everyone knows that I DO NOT like the scent of burning plastic. Horrible smell in my life!

[Skipper douses himself with the water that just turned warm.]

Skipper: Kowalski, Rico!

[Kowalski and Rico run to his side]

Kowalski: Let me take a guess, you accquire more water.

Skipper: That's right.

Kowalski: Well you see Skipper, there is no water left in the habitat.

[Skipper got up]

Skipper: What? What about marlene's habitat?

Kowalski: That's drained too!

Skipper: Well, that's just great! (sigh)

[Just then Skipper recalls something]

Skipper: Hey, boys! I think I know what will solve our problems.

Kowalski: What do you have in mind?

Skipper: The Icecream shack!

Kowalski: But Skipper, that hasn't been opened in forty-eight hours, fifty-seven minutes and thirty-five, thirty-six, thirty-seven...

Skipper: I get the point, Kowalski

Kowalski: Forty, forty-one, forty-two...oh sorry! I just got caught up in the moment.

Skipper: but men, think about the escape of a hot enviroment and the paradise of pure bliss.

[Private walks in]

Private: Um excuse me...but when you say "Bliss", what does that mean exactly?

Skipper: I'm referring it to an ice cold enviroment. Doesn't it sound like heaven?

Private: Yes sir, yes it does.

Kowalski: Well actually Skipper, heaven really refers to angels, clouds and singing.

Skipper: Yeah I know...but I'm talking about the coldest heaven in the world!

Kowalski: Oh well...I like it so far!

Skipper: What about you, Rico?

Rico: uh-huh!

Skipper: Then it's settled... Let's break into that shack of ice cold bliss, shall we?

[all penguins agree and they run out of the habitat]

[Skipper gasps]

Skipper: Cheese and crackers!!! Gosh...it's soooo hot out HERE!

Kowalski:...Yes sir it is. The humidity is about ninety-one percent...it feels like a hundred and one, the actual temperture now is...oh wow a hundred and one! What a coincidence! To me it felt like---

Skipper: Be quiet! You know you can kill someone with those words.

Kowalski:.....I'm not going to respond.

Skipper: Okay, good!

Private: So where is the pure bliss you referred to?

Skipper: Across the street.

Kowalski: Actually it's across the street and two structures over.

Skipper: What did I just say, Kowalski?

[Kowalski swallows hard]

Kowalski: Sorry Skipper. I will be silent.

Skipper: Good. Let's move out!

[Skipper and his cohorts run across the street...just in the nick of time.]

Private: Skippa I...I don't like to cross the street. Did you...did you see that huge truck back there?!. It could've flattened our bums!

Skipper: That's all part of a cadet's life...making decisions that could quite possibly be life threatening. One minute you're caught in the savage water of a sewer monster...next thing you know, you are a tasty appetizer for it.

[Private whimpers]

Kowalski: Now don't scare the poor kid! And besides the sewer monster was no sewer monster, it was a gator and you were never harmed during that episode.

Skipper: True...but I still would've gotten killed if the directors or creators wanted me to.

Kowalski: Then the series would cease to exist.

Skipper: Oh, Okay...ah forget this! Let's get to that shack!

Rico: Ice...cream....ice cream! Yah!

[The penguins waddle two buildings over and stop at the front door to their so called "Bliss"]

[Skipped grunts as he struggles to open the door]

Skipper: It's locked.

[He turns and smiles at Rico]

Skipper: You know what to do.
Quick! Stand on the other side of this wall.

[Rico regurgitates a stick of dynamite and lights the fuse]

Rico: Kaboom!

[The door explodes along with the exterior wall]

Skipper: Let's go in

[They proceed into the building]

Skipper: Remember, this place could be infested with horrible monsters or ninjas or---

[lights turn on]

Julien: Hello neighbor!

Skipper: Or Julien...Say, what are you doing here? Shouldn't you be filing your nails or combing the knots out of the "Royal tail"?

Julien: Yes...but I thought about getting some ice cream that came from the royal sky spirits.

Kowalski:(sigh) Here he goes...talking about the fictional sky spirits again. What nonsense!

Julien: Hey! Everyone knows that the sky spirits are real!

Kowalski: But you have no explanitory evidence!

[Skipper's head is about to explode. He has one serious migrane]

Skipper: Stop this fighting!!! We need to get that Ice cream!

[All five of them run over to the counter. Inside the window are various flavors of ice cream]


[Rico faints]

Skipper: Oooookay...so how about some ice cream!

Kowalski and Private: Yes sir!

Kowalski: Now...what should I select? Rocky Road, peanut butter swirl, strawberry, chocolate, vanilla---

[Kowalski glanced at the other flavors]

Kowalski: I don't know....what to choose! This tension is making my head explode! Private! What should I choose?

Private: Hmmm...I'd say the Butterfinger crunch. Looks good!

Kowalski: Okay, I have decided to take the Butterfinger Crunch!

Private: I choose.......................strawberry? No. Hmmm....... oh! Peanut Butter swirl! That looks sooooo good!!!

Skipper: Well, I chose mint chocolate chip! The mint is so fresh and the chocolate on it always makes the cake!

Kowalski and Private: Don't you mean ice cream?

Skipper: That, too!

[The three of them start to chuckle a bit. Suddenly, Rico wakes up]

Skipper: What are you going to pick?


[He points at a milkshake machine and starts drinking chocolate milkshake out of the nozzle]

Kowalski: Awkward......but at least he enjoys it.

Skipper: Yeah.

Private: What topping should we put on it?

Kowalski: Chocolate sprinkles! Wait! Low fat chocolate sprinkles.

Skipper: Yeah well, I like the multi-colored ones myself.

Private: Yeah...well I like it plain.

Skipper: Plain? But then there's nothing good about it.

Private: Yes, there is!

Skipper: What?

Private: The flavor itself.

Kowalski: Well, I have no further comment on anyone else's flavor. Want to leave now?

Skipper: Yeah, we should be getting back before Alice finds out.

[As soon as they walk to the entrance, they hear crying]

Julien: Oh what do I choose?

Skipper: Just pick a flavor and get on with your life! And most importantly, stop ruining mine!

Julien: But I...I don't know what the King, which is I, wants to choose?

Kowalski: Chocolate?

Julien: No.

Private: Strawberry?

Julien: Nah.

Rico: Milkshake?

Julien: No way! Those things are so fattening!

Skipper: Just pick one!

Julien: I can't!
There has to be one flavor out there for me.

Skipper: Why one?

Julien: Because the rest of the flavors are not worthy for my royal stomach.

Kowalski: Or the royal digestive system.

[Skipper giggled and decides that he wants to leave Julien]

Skipper: See ya, Ring tail.

[The penguins exit]

Julien: Oh well...........I'll guess I take all of them. I can't choose anyway. I have people who do that for me anyway.

[The penguins' habitat]

Kowalski: I've got some good news.

Private, Rico and Skipper: What?

Kowalski: It seems that we are going to have cooler weather. But... I have some bad news. It won't return until Sunday.

Skipper: Hey, what's today anyway?

Private: Wednesday.

Skipper: (sigh) Well, it looks like we can get more ice cream.

[Returns to the ice cream shack]

Skipper: Hey, where's all the ice cream?

[Camera goes to Julien's habitat]

Julien: Well, I guess having a lot isn't that bad. I guess I have an undecided flavor since I took the whole shack with me. Oh well, I say it's pure "Bliss".


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