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by herbs
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My weight loss journey. email me here or at samador84403@yahoo.com
Approaching the subject of body size is asking for trouble.  I do so with the kindest of hearts.  Weight loss is a tricky, emotional subject.  It seems that when one is on top of, and consequently in control of ones weight all is right in the world.  To be on top of it also means that you are on top of your life.  To be out of control and out of accountability in this facet of your life, so many other things seem to be out of control.  Success in weight loss, success in life.  Oversimplified and strange but true, it goes back to how one feels about oneself. 
Ask and seriously think about the following: How does your weight affect your life? Has your body become the enemy?  Does the scale equal fear?  Have you made yourself totally accountable in this area?  To begin, one clear area where weight affects one’s life is movement.  Everything is physically difficult when you are overweight.  Like the title suggests.  And only those who have struggled with this can truly understand, and give a heart felt chuckle. 
There is the social aspect of this tender subject.  So much of any individual life revolves around the perception of personal appearance.  What others think of that appearance directly affects how they deal with you.  Assumptions are made about your character generally, and in part, because of the size of your body.  Is there a correlation between intelligence and body size?  No.  Not at all.  But so many people, when they see an overweight individual perceive that they are stupid.  And act accordingly.  This is ridiculous, and starts a vicious circle.  Yet when one is overweight, it is a constant reality.  And it is wrong to any individual to behave in this way.  So others and their attitudes towards a particular body size do affect each of us.  How do ones actions affect another?  How are we as human beings linked?  This truth can affect a person on a deep level.  It all revolves around in a great circle, finally returning back to oneself again.  Self-analysis begins and quite often it’s a vicious circle, most often very negative in assessment and conclusion.  I wish I could wave a magic wand and have every human being be seen as the wonderful person that they are.  But that is not realistic, nor possible, so this book.  It is based on my own personal experiences, of trying to do what was suggested to me over and over versus what ended up really working.  Please know that at its core, in no way does this book attempt to give you any medical advice.  I suggest strongly that you go to a doctor, as your first step.  This book is not meant either, to substitute for good medical council.  In starting, it is best to first consider the doctors plan and then choose what is best for you.  If you want to play an active part in controlling your weight and body, this is how medical issues are best handled.  To illustrate this point, going to the scale happens about three times a week.  The same scale is used, same clothes, and at the same time of day.  The purpose in doing this is so that a clear record can be kept, preferably on a consistent basis.  This record shows, after some examination, what has worked.  It also shows what has not.  There is no negotiation.  It is what it is. A little positive self analysis begins and should come into play.  Did I eat too much in those days?  Did I exercise enough? How was the balance?  Use your best common sense, after all isn’t that what it is there for? 
Successful weight loss and physicians go hand in hand.  Even though most of the work will be done by you, visiting the doctor is a crucial first step.  There are some that believe what ever a doctor says should be followed to the letter without questioning or input from the patient.  Personally, that is not *** way of thinking.  Strict attention and careful consideration is mine when an appointment is made.  But that office is not the final consideration. 
For almost 50 days, I have lost between .5 and 2.5 lbs a day, and kept it off.  Yes, that is per day.  So it can be done, just is probably not a common thing to do.  Or not to terribly healthy!  But then again, neither is being so over weight.  I have had success with weight-loss solely, on what is presented here.  This is a real, concrete, hands-on approach.  I have also kept off the weight, for the most part. I do admit that on occasion I have gained a small amount of weight back.  But that is to be expected.  Most people can not, and certainly not I, maintain to the pound their weight on a consistent basis.  There is always some variance.  Learn to accept it, and adapt your plan accordingly. No one should stay or go to a place of negative perception of ones body.  Not to go to that place of putting myself where it once was, at the heaviest, is a commitment.  I will not go back there again!  I will not be that person again.  Not in physical size, not in emotional pain, and certainly not in the drama of a self worth rollercoaster. 
As a person, it is at my very core to be honest.  Flattery does not and has not ever worked for me.  It is a complete waste of energy. I am going to be true to myself and true to you.  The old saying holds true: Honesty is the best policy.  That consistency is here, in expressing what has worked for me as well as others.  It is my hope that you might find some insight, which possibly be of some benefit.  Take all of it, or just a part.  Give yourself a chance to be open to the ideas, let them work within you.  Grow within you.  Maybe some of these thoughts will lead you to a place where you can find real help and understanding.  All of it is good.  And I am grateful that you have chosen to start on this path.  Together we can do it! Great success will be yours! 

Step One.
Visit your doctor.    Sorry folks, necessary.  Go git ‘er done! 
Go to your doctor first.  Consult with him/her.  This meeting will be much easier if you know your self and to a greater extent, your body before the meeting.  Discuss very candidly with your medical provider what you have done so far.  What your goal is and a realistic length of time to handle the obstacle you are facing. 
Make sure that you are quiet!  Give the doctor some time to express some options to you.  Does he/she have a suggestion for you?  Is there some literature you can read?  Is there an herbal option that might be helpful?  The plants are here for a reason.  Homeopathic is a great idea, and provides a limited invasion of the body.  Be open to all the possibilities that the medical professional has to offer. 
Do it now.  Pick up the phone make the appointment.  Take some real action towards solving this dilemma.  I have always felt so much better when real tangible action has been taken. 
After you have made your appointment.  Grab a piece of paper.  Write down what you will discuss with your doctor.
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