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A compilation of modern and stylish contemporary writings
The Writing Sampler is a fine and excellent book of reading because of its wondrous prose composed by a writer of remarkable talents.  There is a lyricism within its pages that contains a rhythm and alliteration of words which seem poetical as conveyed by Mr. Hemingway for the sake of the explication of his stories and writings yet also for the further enjoyment of the reader.  He has such a masterful command of the language.  Each excerpt and detail of writing seems self-contained and very literate for its subject matter in addition to modern and well-established styles or forms of  literary expression. 

This book, written by its author, Michael F. Hemingway, who according to his blogs written upon Lulu.com, has graduated from one elite selective New York City public high school, the Bronx High School of Science, earned his undergraduate degree from Syracuse University also in New York, and has taken a minor qualification of creative writing courses.  Yet, the integration and concatenation of emotions, thoughts, and ideas of his characters with subject matter appears to read like any canonized writer whose esteem engenders from the success and accomplishment of their writings.  His talent seems to be the ability to create and interweave emotion with metaphor, satire with pathos, fine writing with entertainment merely by his word choice and selection.  If not a wordsmith, then Mr. Hemingway has demonstrated, through The Writing Sampler, that he has devoted much fine tuning, attention to details, and consideration to the prose and its composition like a muse strumming her lyre. 

Many of the stories included here, if intended to be longer, seem unfinished although their resolutions for contrivances conveyed seem complete and highly enjoyable.  As defined by its author, personal endeavor seems to be the subtle theme throughout the book with many selections concerning life satisfaction, goals and objectives, and personal accomplishment.  This author has a profound interest of psychology and philosophy which is greatly exemplified through this book.  It is obvious that, unlike so many other stagnating authors, Mr. Hemingway really cares about and cajols within his writing so much so that the reader is required to empathize with him and his gift to communicate this well to others. Although highly commendable for its incipience of stories, The Writing Sampler, also includes a sample of the author's poetry, which primarily free verse and unconventional, also attests to a gracious methodology for exposition and his explication of thoughts with concept.  They read and expound very well as if they were critiques of the author's personal and whimsical invention. There is a balance and equilibrium to this book and its pacing of stories with additional content seem devised to mature and satisfy, almost lull the reader for its further appreciation with possibly notions for a second read or epiphany.  There were few selections that I truly believed were overdue, premature, or out of sync with the chronology of the others because Mr. Hemingway's writing is really that good and one is almost conscripted to demand and ask for more.  The Writing Sampler by Michael F. Hemingway is an extremely enjoyable and fun book to explore because of its satirical content and format which is again reminiscent of other well-established, pedantic styles for exposition.  I would highly recommend this book to anyone fascinated with ideas and their creative expression.   

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