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2nd in balance of chaos - she was the light he craved
When you possess light within, you see it externally.

She had the light in her. I could tell from the moment I laid my eyes on her beautiful face. She glowed.

I'm the opposite. The only thing that I possess is darkness. Tonight is the night that she finds out I'm not the wonderful boy of her dreams.

Delicate Leila approaches with a sweet smile on her perfect peach lips. Dark brown hair cascades down past her shoulders to a black jacket. Under the black jacket is a black shirt and tights. Over the tights she has on a pink ballerina tutu. It is one of her ways of trying to be different with her clothing style. She is beautiful.

I drag one of my sneakers along the sand settled around the abandoned railroad tracks. This place had become special to us over the past couple of months. Secluded and unique in a good way.

"You wanted to see me." She stands on top of one rail, her hand playing with the edge of her skirt.

With more regret than I've felt before in my life I let it out. "You need to stay away from me. I'm not good for you."

"What are you talking about? I thought you loved me." Her brown eyes showed distress.

This hurts me more than she can ever imagine. She is so pretty standing there, even with the pain in her eyes. Yet I can feel the hunger start to arise.

My voice lowers a tone. "I don't have time to explain. You have to trust me. I love you and that is why you have to go. I don't want to hurt you."

Tears start to fall down her cheeks but she doesn't make a sound.

Even though I can feel the tension of my desire, I hold it off the best I can. For the last time, I put my arms around her and let her cry upon my shoulders. I want to feel her, to take in her sweet scent. My face is buried in her hair when I feel the change is upon me. "Run," I whisper in her ears and nudge her away.

She falters and takes one look back. In that look she sees the change in my eyes and her reaction is one of fear. She begins to run as fast as she can along the old tracks, her skirt floating above her legs.

It was hard to hold myself back. I wanted her. Once she was out of sight I couldn't hold back anymore. I fall to my knees, shuddering from the change. It doesn't last long and once again I am strong.

Now, I hunt.

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