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Sort of a Musical To Bands and songs that changed who I was. ( Film Script)
For All The Wrong Reasons
Scene One- You've got me where I want you
Music: Best Of You -Foo Fighters
Characters: Aileen (Female,15) Trench ( Male,17),Cain (Male,17), August(Female,15)

Music Starts
Aileen slams her locker shut and starts walking away, slowly she begins to run.
Trench comes out of a classroom, he spots her just as the bell rings as he reaches for her a sea of kids runs into the hallway.

Cinematic Transition
The Kids turn into a sea.
Trench's hand is seen above the water.

Aileen VO:
At that moment I wished you would drown. Just so that your face would never haunt me again.
You HURT me. Every part of me. Because of you I'll never be able to trust myself again, most importantly I'll never trust you.

The Sea turns back into kids.

They all  turn to him.

Is someone getting the best,the best, the best of you?

He tears after her.

I didn't mean it!
I swear I never meant to hurt you!
It was all a joke!

The Life, the love that you'd die to heal?

Aileen stops running and fall to the ground.
She rocks her head in her hands.

Aileen ( Screaming):
Will you stop lying to me? I want nothing with you.I will not be hurt again.

Here I want the panorama to break in two, one where she's surrounded by the children, some covering they're eyes,some mouth, some ears. All whispering" The Best, The best, The best." And one where Trench is standing there watching her scream at him, and the children ( like in real life) stand there and stare.
Then both to combine just as the songs climaxes.

Is someone getting the best of you? x2
I've got a another confession, my friend
I'm no fool
I'm getting tired of starting again
Somewhere new
Were you born to resist or be abused?
I swear I'll never give in I refuse

Two Hands reach out and grab Aileen.
It's August, she wraps her arms around Aileen.
One hand reaches out and taps Trench on the shoulder before punching him.

Is someone getting the best of you?
August:(To Aileen)
It's gonna be okay I promise.
Cain:( To Trench)
I can't believe you.

At this point the Film Breaks and where left with a black space.

Scene One Ends.

Directors Notes:
Disclaimer: Do NOT Own,any band music or song listed here and in the following scenes.
Dedicated: EN and JC ( For Song and Support) Long live VNI
Scene Two- Whatever it Brings
Music- Incubus- Drive
Characters- August,Aileen,Cain

Music Starts

It always has to be my family that's falling apart. Just another day in a long run of drama.

The Film that broke starts again.

We see that he's walking out of the high school carrying Aileen.
August walks next to him.  She shakes her head.

Poor child.
Your one as well.
August raises her eyebrows.
Sometimes I forget that, your right.

Cain VO:
My Mother knew this, made light of it naming me Cain.
And Aileen,my sweet sister, Aileen Abel.

They arrive in front of an old beat up Chevy truck completely out of place against Cain's darker look.( Kinda Like this song :( )
August opens the door and lets Cain put Aileen, in the back.
She turns to Cain.

Hey, you know, I'll be there right? Always?

Cain makes a disgusted sound.

I mean it Cain. I'm not like your mother. I'm not gonna leave you.
Cain turns to her, she's small compared to him.

Camera takes advantage of this by showing he towers above her.


He smiles and opens the door for her while shutting the door on his sister.
She curtsy's and gets in.
The he gets in.

He turns on the cars.

What ever tomorrow Brings I'll brings I'll be there.

End Scene Two.

Directors Notes:
More will come to me...!

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