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A short story i wrote with a message. Title from Katy Perry's song ^^
Waking Up In Vegas

I remember that night like it was yesterday. That amazing yet life-changing night I spent in the penthouse of lotus casino hotel in Vegas. I met him at the slot machine section. He was using the machine next to me and we started talking about different things while playing the slots. I noticed everything about him; his brown wavy hair, soft hazel eyes and of course his stunning smile. He had a certain charm and yet sense of respect towards women. He was the perfect catch.

We finished up our slot session, coming away empty handed. He offered to buy me a drink, I knew I should’ve got going but how could I refuse him. I felt like something fairly strong so I ordered a shot of straight vodka…he ordered the same (I guessed he didn’t want to look light-weight in front of a girl). Before I knew it, I had drunk one too many shots and began to feel light-headed. I needed to get back to my room but I stumbled when I turned to walk away and wasn’t surprised to find myself safe in his arms. I vaguely heard him saying that we should go back to his penthouse suite but I said yes anyway.

It started as soon as the door closed. His lips crushed against mine, his tongue sliding into my mouth to meet my own. I ripped off his buttoned shirt and moved my hands around his smooth, muscular body. We removed the rest of our clothing, throwing it all over the floor where they stayed for the rest of the night. To be honest, I think that the whole hotel could hear us loud and clear.

The next morning, when I was thinking clearly again, I knew I had made a huge mistake. I had to get out of this room, of this hotel, of Vegas. I didn’t know who this guy was, I mean we didn’t talk about our lives, just had a couple of drinks followed by a one night stand. I hastily got out of the bed I was sharing with this stranger, snatched up my clothes and hastily put them on. I didn’t have time to look at my hair which I was sure was an absolute mess. I briskly walked to the door and glanced back at the man who I just had sex with. I’m sure he wouldn’t be surprised that I’d left; he would’ve done this many times before, with that seductive charm of his. I opened the door, closing it softly behind me and left him and the room behind not realizing the consequences of what I had done.

A sharp, sudden jolt of pain in my stomach brought me back to the present. Reflexively my hand moved down to where the pain was. I looked down to the ever-growing lump that was my stomach, the lump that was my six month old baby.  I went to the clinic about two months after that night in Vegas. The doctor had confirmed I was pregnant and congratulated me. I had no idea what I was going to do. I was only a 23 year old journalist living in Washington. How could I deal with a baby and my stressful job and I was already having slight financial difficulties. My friends had suggested that I go through an abortion but I would never do that. I would have to live with this baby, Ashley (yes it’s a girl) was my responsibility now. I would find a way to make it all work out…I had to.

I made myself a promise the day I found out I was pregnant. That promise was that I would never wake up in Vegas ever again.

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A lexxx [and] er
June 28th, 2009
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