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by team01
Rated: E · Script/Play · Animal · #1580060
Kowakski,[ the smartest of the penguins], new experiment went wrong.
Kowalski,[the smartest of the penguins] was working on an experiment.  Skipper, [the leader penguin], walked up to  Kowalski and said "Asis, what does it do?"  Kowalski answered," If you press that button I am 99 slash 8 point 5 percent sure something will happen", showing Skipper the button.  Skipper screamed, " Private front and center",  [Private is the shortest and youngest with a british accent],,Rico followed.  [Rico is the penguin who barfs random things].  Private said" Yes sir".  Rico barfed a lit bomb and said,kabooom".  Skipper put the dynamite out and said, "not now".  Rico swallowed the dynamite again.  Skipper said,"Private push the button".Private answered" uhh.. ok skippa", he pushed the button".  The whole room wen't dark and evereone was knocked out.  When the lights wen't on evereone got up.  Skipper felt much taller,Kowalski felt much shorter,Private felt taller and Rico felt shorter.  Skipper got up in Kowalski's body and felt nothing else different than noticing that.  Kowalski noticed he was in Private's body being very short which he wasn't used to.  Rico was in Skipper's body and his power to barf things and the things followed him.  Private was in Rico's body and it made him feel good to be taller.  There was just one problem with this,they couldn't go out in public it would just be weird.  They didn't know what the other animal's would say.  They sprang into action when they heard someone scream help from Marlene's cage.  They wen't to Marlene's cage and asked her what happened.  She said,"I just had a nightmare and i'm fine now, the real question is what happened to you?".  Skipper gave a glare to Kowalski and said,"explain to Marlene".Kowalski,[In Private's body] walked up to her and explained everething up to the exact half a second.  Skipper added,"Kowalski you better think of something".  Marlene asked," Are Private and Rico the same?".  Private answered[In Rico's body ofcourse], no.  Kowalski explained after minutes of scribbling down something on his notepad scientifictly how they  got that way.  Marlene said," Have fun with your problem".They wen't back to the penguin habitat, in their HQ and Skipper,Rico and Private stared at Kowalski until he said he should get down to finding out a formula for their problem.  "I am almost done" Kowalski say's after hours of research.Skipper ask's,"what does almost mean?".  Kowalski answers,"The last ingrediant is found in Denmark". "Is that the only option?",Skipper ask's. "Well no we could simply reverse the machine back and well return to our normal body's again",Kowalski answered.  "Team assemble,it's time for operation normal return,go go go"Skipper announced.  Kowalski set the machine backwards and said"It's ready for go".  They all wen't in the same room,Private clicked the button and evereone returned to normal.

I hope you liked my first entry on writing.com.
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