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My alternate ending of Romeo and Juliet.
Romeo walked out of the building with the poison. After walking a while, he thought to himself, "Should I really kill myself over a woman that I have only known for 5 days?" He kept on walking and while he was walking, he thought of his loved ones. He thought to himself, "What would my family and friends think of me? Do I really want to throw away my life? I may have been exiled, but I'm still enjoying life."

Meanwhile in the Capulet family tomb, Juliet's potion wore off. Juliet said to herself, "Dang, the potion wore off. Now what should I do?" She thought about it for a few minutes. Juliet said to herself, "I have a brilliant idea. I will knock myself out and nobody would ever check to see if my heart was still beating or if I was breathing and I won't move around. Now what should I use?" She noticed a big piece of metal on the ground. She hit herself in the head with it and got knocked out.

Later on, Romeo found a spot to sleep on a pile of leaves. When he fell asleep, he dreamed. It wasn't good dreams, but bad dreams.

In one of his nightmares, he dreamed about Tybalt. Romeo was in a graveyard. He walked forward and saw multiple tombstones. He stopped in front of a tombstone that said Tybalt. There was a flash of lightning. After the flash, writing appeared on the tombstone that said, "I want my revenge!" Romeo backed up, frightened. A pale hand reached out of the ground. Romeo ran away. The zombie of Tybalt got all the way out of the ground in a few seconds. More zombies came out of the ground. Tybalt yelled, "Grab him!" Five zombies grabbed Romeo so that their master could get his revenge. Tybalt stood in front of Romeo and said, "It's time for you to die!" Tybalt did an evil laugh. Romeo woke up.

Romeo woke up shaking. He saw a letter on the ground. He stood up, walked over to it, and picked it up. Romeo read it and then said to himself, "So she's alive! I don't have to kill myself! I'm off to get my bride!" He dumped the poison on the ground and ran at the fastest speed that he has ever run.

After a really long run, he stopped for a break. After a few minutes, he countinued running until he saw the Capulet family tomb. He ran inside and saw Juliet and then he saw the big piece of metal. He grabbed the jug of water, that was strapped to him, and dumped it on Juliet's face. Juliet stood up and said, "Finally you came!" They kissed and then ran off into the night.

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