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A young woman laments the loss of her father - (A sample from my Poetry folder)
I have Sailed the Seas of Sorrow

I have sailed the seas of sorrow, since my father passed away,
and my life has little meaning, as I live from day to day.

He was hailed a rugged man, by those who knew him well,
but here’s a little different story, that only I can tell.

He was a kind and gentle man, who gave and never took,
he sailed the waves off Sandy Shore, and a place called Pirates Nook.

From the day I came aboard, and I was barely three,
when he held me by his weathered hand, and pointed to the sea.

He talked about the endless waves, and the power of the wind,
and praised the ocean as his master, and temperamental friend.

I have sailed the seas of sorrow since my father passed away,
and I remember joyful times when the ship would toss and sway.

He made a lasting promise that he kept until the end,
he said he'd call me "daughter", but treat me as a friend.

He was a tough and rugged sailor, with a face like coral sand,
but he always had a gentle smile, when he took me by the hand.

“To the fore and to the aft!” he would shout with thunderous glee,
and send me to the misty rails, before the wind could flee.

My little Crusty Puffin, was the name he called me most,
It became my special name, of which he'd often boast.

I have sailed the seas of sorrow, since my father passed away,
and I remember taking orders, with the funny words he'd say.

“Man the larboard spanker, and chock the mizzen down,”
then he'd pause in making merry, at my silly puzzled frown.

“Forward to the cathead, and block the windlass stay,”
and check the forward gunwale, we haven’t got all day.

More words like "bilge and binnacle", and "stow the forward yawl",
he'd taught me strings of sailor's jive, and some I don’t recall.

"Belay the helm and come about, we'll scud before the gale!"
he'd wink, and give his Crusty Puffin, a worthy yarn to tell.

I have sailed the seas of sorrow, since my father passed away,
and I search the sea for reasons, as I live from day to day.

One harsh and very stormy night, off rugged Puget Sound,
his ship was washed among the rocks, his body never found.

I prayed for days and many weeks, to see him just once more.
my hopes and dreams were always dashed, he never came ashore.

I will never give up hope, as I sail the boundless sea,
for I am my father’s daughter, this life was meant for me.

The ocean is my destiny, an alluring loving friend.
and 'pon the waves I'll make my peace, in hopes my heart will mend

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