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by DJ Rox
Rated: 13+ · Draft · Action/Adventure · #1581199
TheMoonlessNight was an old story i wrote,i hope you enjoy it and tell me what you think:)
The moon was shinning bright as started to fall asleep, Jazz’s steady breathing gave away that she was already in a deep sleep, only I was the last awake. Jazz’s bed was opposite from mine, we were having a sleep over and didn’t start to go to bed until late. I was about to let my mind drift to sleep when the hairs on the back of my neck stood on end and a deathly cold came over me. “Hello Jade.” A cold, dark voice spoke from the corner of the room. I jumped up out of bed but my reactions were too slow the dark figure moved with inhuman speed and pinned me to the wall. The moon light betrayed his features, he look like he was in his thirty’s but the haze in his eye’s showed he was ancient, his narrow face was as white as icing sugar and his fine hair was a deathly black. Pale fangs gleamed from his smile as he saw I was horrified. “You’re a vampire.” I whispered too scared to even move but not enough to scream. “AA--” he clamped his cold hand over my mouth. I tried to bite it but I always ended up biting my lip. “Haha, your worthless attempts to free yourself is pitiful to your race.” This is all a dream, this is all a dream I thought to myself. As if the vampire had read my mind, he slid a small blade across my shoulder, blood ran down my arm.  Pain ran it's course through me. Tears pricked my eyes, I hadn’t noticed the blade earlier. It’s not a dream, o my god I can feel the blood! JAZZ!  As if my friend could hear my wordless cries, she started to stir. “Yes I think you will do well enough.” the vampire said in grim amusement. “It’s my son Daecca's 1,000th birthday and I think your blood will satisfy him more than that last one.” I felt sick; he was the one following me last night at the game. Who are you? I asked through the thoughts of my mind. I am   

Lustune.  Lustunes’s frozen voice echoed through my head like a hurricane. I could not get it out of my head, the name just span round my mind, I would do anything just to get it out of my head. That’s it! He’s using mind control over me! I can’t resist. “It’s better if you don’t fight, I cannot be bothered to drag you there.” Lustune said. He released me and walked to the door. I tried to speak but his power over me was holding me back. I started to shuffle towards him. “Quicken the pace I haven't got all night!” I started to unwillingly fastened into a walk, all my joints were sore and my cut was killing me but the name was still doing a hurricane through my head. My life’s over! I’ll never get to see my family again! Tears ran down my face. I looked towards Jazz and for one last desperate time I cried out to all who would hear. PLEASE! SOME ONE, ANYONE HELP!!! I screamed out my thoughts so loud Lustune shuddered. He took a step forward and using the side of his fist he hit me. I fell to the ground. Jazz started to wake, I could hear her mumbling something like ‘sis turn the tv down’ and ‘Jake stop yelling’ otherwise she was starting to stir. Lustune glared down at me with annoyance. I heard a commotion outside of my house and my family started to wake up with a fright. “Argh! i've had enuogh of this!” he dragged me up to my feet, his nails drawing blood from me as though Lustune was drying a towel. They dug deep, making me want to scream. I opened my eyes not far from a faint to see Lustune, arm rased with the magnificent white blade in hand, the flat side towards me. Why doesn’t he just kill me? “AAAAHHH!!!” Lustune’s hand came down and the blade just narrowly missed slicing my head in two. As he tumbled forward, his shoe caught on my grey pants, his blade slipped from his grip and jaggedly cut my leg open. I felt his mind leave mine and I was able to speak again. “AAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!!” My scream of pain absolutely filled the neighbourhood. Lights all around the house came on and I saw from my place in the corner i was thrown into, that there was now another stranger in my room. Lustune was struggling against another man who was a little bit taller than him, strong in build but warm looking at the same time. He was wearing a crumpled brown shirt and pants as well as dusty boots that needed a wash. his face was handsome compared to the vampires, and his eyes were a strong green with his shaggy brown hair. I stayed in my corner of the room as the two of them fought in the middle. Jazz was now full awake now and as white as a ghost as she stared at the two. My blood and tears soaked the carpet as if it was a great sea of blood had swept the room leaving nothing but pain in its wake. I screamed as another wave of pure agony came over me.
This time the scream tore though thoughts as well as sound. Lustune fell to the ground at the pure power of it, which was all the distraction the man needed with one hit the vampire fell silently to the blood soaked ground. My parents were banning madly on the locked door. The man turned towards me he took a few awkward steps towards me and scooped me up, kicked the flyscreen down and ran off into the night. 


As the moon rose high into the night sky
The stranger carried me through the streets at inhuman speed and after a couple of minuets he set me down on a soft spot of grass. I felt weak, the loss of blood was paying its toll. He looked at my wounds and shook his head. “your not going to make it.” He said. I started to try and reply but at that moment I fell into the sleep of death.

The man was watching her carefully waiting and wondering wether she would survive even with the mark of a werewolf. He looked up to the moon. It shone brightly. He bent down and in one swift move changed her life forever.
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