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This is a short story of the strugles a fathers goes throw for the love of a child.
  Hello my name is Frankie Ayala I live in Puerto Rico. For about a year now I have being granted child custody of my 8 year old baby princess Ami. But today I write about the struggles that I had had to face and go throw to keep my daughter with me. That’s right, the mother of my daughter now wants her daughter back. Let me go back to the why I have the custody. 4 years ago my x and I split up. She was more into the fast life, hanging out every night in clubs and bars. Spending money like there was no tomorrow. I was more lay back wanting always to spend as much time with Ami as I could. After the split up we each went our own ways. But I the pain I went throw not being able to see Ami. The moms would do everything possible for me not to see her. She would hide her from me even leaving her in stranger’s house so I could not find her. I would give my ex $100 a week in checks or money oders and beg and beg and beg her to please let me see Ami. But she would always say not today maybe tomorrow. But tomorrow would come and no Ami. Under this stress and a lot of other battles I was force to go to the court house and file a motion for visitation rights. They were giving to me but now the mom was even angrier and refuses to let me see Ami even with this court odder. As time went by and more court hearings and money spent on lawyers. The judge odder for Ami to see a state social worker, for the first time Ami was being heard. And she let it all out on how much she love my and miss me and how her mom would not let her see me even that my name was not allowed to be mention in her house. Ami had just turned 7 years old when the judge asks to speak with her privately in her chambers. I was so nerverst that day I was afraid that if my x and I could not come to a happy meeting they would take Ami from both of us that I even for short second felt like I would give it all up so Ami would not go to a foster home even if she would stay with my x and I would never see her again but at least she would be with family. When the judge finally came out with Ami ours eyes just lock and I could almost feel her breath telling ,me papa no te rindas (daddy don’t give up ) This was when the judge first mention about a 22 page report giving to her by the state social workers after monitoring Ami during this legal battle. I dint know about this. The judge goes on to say that in each page it was mention on how ami was being effected by not seeing me and how badly she needed to be with me and what a good father I was to her, that the judge wanted to interview ami to see how she really felt and needed to do this before she would take a final decision. Everything went in blank and total silence as the judge odder for Ami to be with her father as of that day custody would be giving to me. I look at Ami and her big brown eyes staring at me as the judge then orders for Ami to be handle to me she ran across that court room and this is what she said to me PAPA GANAMOS (dad we won) Ever since ami and me have being so happy but the struggle of keeping her my side has being way harder than the first time fighting for custody. This were the true battle begging’s.........Thank you for taking the time to read this, as I begging to write the second part of this true story of my life I pray to the lord that others can learn from this and see that when adults divorce they divorce from each others not from there kids and that no one has the right to use their kids as a weapon to hurt the other. To be cont....
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