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Conversation between Grandma and the deaf neighbor (for Riot's contest)
"Good morning, Henry."


"I said, good morning, Henry!"

"Oh, How are you, Edna?"

"I'm fine, Henry, but my parrot isn't doing so well at the moment."


"I said my parrot isn't..."

"Your what?"

"My parrot."

"What about your carrot?"

"No - my parrot"

"Your parrot?"

"That's right! My parrot..."

"Your parrot ate your carrot?"

"No, Henry, my parrot didn't eat a carrot. It flew out the..."

"Well I'm glad it didn't eat the carrot, Edna. Carrots can't be good for a parrot, I wouldn't say..."

"Henry, this has nothing to do with carrots. It has to do with my parrot. It flew..."

"I didn't say it had anything to do with ferrets, Edna. I thought it was a parrot you were talking about.
Was your ferret eating a carrot?"

"Oh for the love of............Henry! There are no ferrets here! This is about..."

"No? My goodness me...what happened to your ferret? Perhaps it went looking for carrots..."

"It's my parrot that I'm trying to tell you, Henry..."

"Your parrot was trying to tell you? Does the parrot know where the ferret went? That's a smart bird, Edna."

"Henry! I just wanted to ask you if you saw my parrot go by! It escaped out the window this morning!"

"Oh - well why didn't you say so, Edna? If your parrot's gone now, and your ferret's gone too, well, at least you still have your carrots.
Maybe that's why they went, Edna. They just didn't like your carrots."


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