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My attempt at writing a dominant impression.

         An unknown force exhaled its icy breath into the still night’s sky, not knowing whether to bring forth death or life to the inhabitants of the small town.  The lonely moon gently gleamed down from the eternal blackness, illuminating the dew resting upon the cobblestone streets like millions of tiny diamonds waiting to be plucked.  Nocturnal creatures howled as they happily skipped from shadow to shadow, welcoming any outsider to invade their territory.  Pale faces peered out from gray curtains, letting the protective glow of candlelight escape into the unknown. 

         A hunched over figure appeared in the distance, gimping painfully into the town, bringing forth dread to the onlookers.  Cases of mysterious murders had been invading the newspapers as of late, and it was said to remain indoors until the evil had been shooed away by the dominant sun. 

                The evil called out its groaning lullaby, stopping amidst the cozy cottages, waiting for a midnight snack to be lured out.  A small form approached the figure seeking something as well.  The shadows melded together in brief tussle, seeming darker than before, pools of blackness escaping to the welcoming shadows while high-pitched screams echoed out from the unsuspecting victim.  As the leaving soul’s death rattle began, a trail of blood was left behind, carried by the satiated demoness.  The inhabitants merely sighed, thankful it was not their own cries bleeding into the night.

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