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Further tracing of the Brickey line and related families. More to follow.
                                                One Branch (or Two) of the Brickey Tree
                                                      (and some offshoot branches)
                                            -a work in progress, dates and details to be added-

I have covered these people elsewhere, along with anecdotes about them:

•          The 14 children of Jailey E.Mayflower Brickey (Dixie) and John William Britts, all deceased.
•          Jailey E. M. Brickey and John William Britts of Louisa, Virginia.
•          Jarred Brickey (Rock), son of John Brickey and Mary C Hall, daughter of William Hall.

To expand further the Hall branch:

Mary Hall, born 6-12-1829, Botetourt Co., Virginia; died 9-14-1914
      Mother – Mary Ledgerwood, b 1799, Botetourt Co., VA; died 2-15-1874, Roanoke, VA
    Father – William Hall
    Spouse – Jarred Brickey

William Hall, b ~~1790, Botetourt Co., VA; d 7-15-1849, Botetourt
      Mother – Matilda Ledgerwood
    Father – Allen Hall
    Spouse – Mary Ledgerwood

Allen Hall
    Mother – possibly Sarah Pope of West Virginia, no proof
    Father -  Richard Hall
    Spouse- Matilda Ledgerwood

Note: It may be supposed that Mary Ledgerwood and William Hall were cousins, if Mary’s father were a brother to Matilda. But there is not evidence of that, in that I can find no records, so far, on Mary Ledgerwood’s family or Mailda Ledgerwood’s family. I welcome any info that may shed enlightenment.
For now I can draw no connection between the two women. I have also seen Nancy Lee Ledgerwood instead of Mary as spouse to William, but that is another Hall family, from Montgomery Co. (They might have been related, but there is no documentation.)
Also, there were rumors among the older generations that someone in Mary Hall’s family was a full Indian, but that has not been substantiated, either.

You pick up new families to trace with each generation, usually multiple families, since our mothers’ DNA is just as important as the fathers’. Unfortunately,  wives' maiden names are not always recorded, and less frequently, the first name isn’t recorded either.

I also encountered claims of spouses, with extensive pedigrees, that still left me doubtful that it was the right person, or that someone made a mistake connecting it to my ancestor. I do not have the ability to travel to Europe and examine for myself the records. I must rely on the research of others in most cases. So do not take anything here as a claim to absolute truth. Use it to open doors for your own research. I am always open for discussion or new information.

Other family branches, going backwards from Jailey Brickey (or her siblings):
1)          Brickey
2)          Shrewsbury
3)          Lucas
4)          Poindexter
5)          Smith
6)          Morine
7)          Effard
8)          Messervy
9)          Blair
10)          Boyd
11)          Hamptone
12)          Perrin
13)          Lempriere
14)          Camel
15)          Campbell
16)          Semple
17)          Colville
18)          Lindsay
19)    Crawford
20)  Hudson
21)  Parker
The Brickey Branch

Quick Backward Summary of Direct Line:
Jailey Brickey and her siblings, all born in Craig, Virginia, USA.
Jarred Brickey and spouse Mary Hall
John Brickey and Roda Shrewsbury.
Peter Brickey  and unknown.
Garrard Brickey and unknown.
Peter Brickey and Winfred Lucas.
Jean de Bricquet (John Brickey) and Alce Crabbe.

The above list of sons and fathers has caused great consternation.  This is the best I can derive since every source disagrees, and there are few written records between Jean/John and Roda’s John that clearly documents anything.  Here are details:
John Brickey, b 1794
    Mother -  Elizabeth unknown
    Father – Peter Brickey
    Spouse – Roda Shrewsbury*
Peter Brickey
    Mother – Unknown
    Father – Garrard Brickey
    Spouse – Elizabeth unknown
Garrard Brickey b abt 1738 Westmoreland Co, VA US; d 1790 Bedford Co, VA
    Mother – Winfred Lucas
    Father – Peter Brickey
    Spouse #1– Jane Unknown, mar abt 1757
    Sp #2 -Elizabeth Burkholder 1736-1806, buried KY, mar abt 1784?
    Sp #3--Mary Carhart Compton b 1763 Westmoreland, d Botetourt (possibly this Garrard Brickey) no child
    Child. of #1: John 1758, Garret Jr 1760, Peter 1761, Polly 1760's, Winfred 1764, Temperance 1767/8
    Child. of #2: Patty 1783, Nancy 1784, Miller 1784-1804, Christopher 1785
Peter Brickey, b  between 1670 and 1685 Artois, France; d 1786 in Virginia or Pr George Md
    Mother – Alce Crabbe
    Father – Jean de Briquet (See note below)
    Spouse – Winfred Lucas
Jean de Bricquet – b 1640, Artois France; d 1718, Virginia Colony.
      Parents – unknown
      Occupation – Hugenot minister
    Immigration – 1650 or 1685, from France to Carolina Colony (included Virginia)
    Moved – 1686 to Maryland Colony
Alce Crabbe (Alice/Marie Alce/Mary Elsie) – b ~1650 in Calais, Dordogne, Acquitaine, France; d Virginia
    Parents – unknown
    Spouse – John Brickey, 1669 in Westmoreland
    Son – Peter Brickey

  The substantial claim has been made that all Brickey’s in America descend from John Brickey of Artois. Artois is in Northeast France which had been under Spanish rule, after Danish rule. They had their own dialect of French and did not feel a particularly strong French connection. When the area fell under French rule, many non-Catholic residents had to flee from the country to escape persecution. Jean is believed to have been a Hugenot (non-Catholic), but there is no hard evidence.

*See separate family trees for Winfred Lucas and Roda Sthrewsbury.

As you can see, some things don’t add up. The wedding date for John and Alce and location would indicate that Peter was not born in France, at least not to Alce, maybe a first wife. It also would preclude immigration in 1685 if he was married here in 1669.  There are also claims that Jean and Alce had three children in the early 1700’s and one of these was named Peter. If so, John had a younger wife, since Alce would have been in her 60’s.  A\So you see why it looks like a generation may be missing. Too many details don’t add up.

To share information, or see if I have any not listed here, contact Harry, pepperbluebooks@yahoo.com.

The Shrewsbury Branch

Roda Shrewsbury – b 1794; d 1868
    Spouse John Brickey
    Mother – Elizabeth Sinclair (St. Clair)
    Father – Dabney Shrewsbury
Elizabeth Sinclair – born aft. 1777          
    Spouse # 1 – Dabney Shrewsbury
    Spouse #2 – Samuel Parish (no children)
Dabney Shrewsbury – b 1765, d 1803
    Spouse – Elizabeth Sinclair
    Mother – Elizabeth D’Aubigne (Dabney)
    Father – Samuel Shrewsbury
    First name was American version of mother’s maiden name, not uncommon practice
Elizabeth D’Aubigne – b bet 1730-1740, Kanawha Co; d  ~ 1830
    Spouse – Samuel Shrewsbury
    Mother – unknown
    Father – George D’Aubigne
Samuel Shrewsbury – b 1736, Hanover Co, VA; d April 2, 1784, Bedford (or 17820
    Spouse Elizabeth D’Aubigne
    Mother – Elizabeth Poindexter
    Father – Ruel Shrewsbury
Elizabeth Poindexter –
    Spouse #1 – William Payne (died with 3 young children) b 1682; d 1716   
    Spouse #2 – Ruel Shrewsbury (raised the 3 Payne kids as own, had 5 more)
    Mother – Sarah Crawford*
    Father –  Thomas Poindexter*
Ruel Shrewsbury – b 1699, St. Peter’s Parish, New Kent Co., VA; d 1741, Hanover Co, VA
    Spouse – Elizabeth Poindexter
    Mother – unknown
    Father – Thomas Shrewsbury

The Lucas Family

Winfred Lucas-
    Spouse -- Peter Brickey
    Child -- Garrard Brickey
    Father -- Charles Lucas
    Mother -- Temperance Smith
Charles Lucas b 4-20-1662 Pr George, MD; d 5-28-1744 Westmoreland, VA US
    Spouse -- Temperance Smith
    Child -- Winfred Lucas
    Mother--Dorothy Letchworth
    Father -- Thomas Lucas
Thomas Lucas
    Spouse -- Dorothy Letchworth
    Child -- Charles Lucas
    Mother -- Anne Gilman
    Father -- Thomas Lucas 1st
Thomas Lucas 1st
    Spouse -- Anne Gilman
    Child -- Thomas Lucas 2nd
    Mother -- Rose Hudson
    Father -- John Lucas
John Lucas
    Spouse --Rose Hudson
    Child-- Thomas Lucas
    Mother -- Mary Parker
    Father -- Clement Lucas, 2nd
Clement Lucas, 2nd
    Spouse -- Mary Parker
    Child - John Lucas
    Mother -- unknown
    Father -- Clement Lucas, 1st

The Smith Family

Temperance Smith
    Spouse -- Charles Lucas
    see above
    Mother -- Ann Danks
    Father -- William Smith   

The Letchworth Family

Dorothy Letchworth
    Spouse --Thomas Lucas, 2nd
    Child -- Winfred Lucas 
    Mother -- Elizabeth Hutchinson
    Father -- Thomas Letchworth

Thomas Letchworth, b 1620, Hamstead Hertfordshire, Engl; d 1668 Calvert, MD US
    Spouse -- Elizabeth Hutchinson
    Children -5 including Thomas Jr and Dorothy

* See Branches for Crawford, Poindexter

EVENT:  FAMILY REUNION---All descendants of Jarred Brickey and Mary Hall Brickey, and descendants of Samuel Britts and Mary Campbell Britts, met in fall of 2011. Contact pepperbluebooks@yahoo.com to help arrange the next reunion.

The Poindexter Family (Poingdestre)

Elizabeth Poindexter, b St Peter's Parish, New Kent Co, VA US; d aft 1735 Hanover Co, VA US
    Spouse # 2 Ruel Shrewsbury                                                                                                                                                                                 
    Spouse #1--William Payne, Quaker
    Child --Samuel Shrewsbury
    Mother -- Sarah Crawford
    Father -- Thomas Poindexter
    Ruel and Elizabeth met while serving as administrators of William Paynes's estate, in late 1735
    (see Hanover wills 1333-35)
    Moved to Hanover with William in 1733

Thomas Poindexter b 1675 Middle Plantation, Williamsburg VA US; d 1719 New Kent VA US
    Spouse -- Sarah Crawford 
    Child -- Elizabeth Poindexter, Sarah Poindexter
    Mother -- Suzanna Nicolle
    Father -- George Poingdestre
George Poingdestre
    Spouse -- Suzanna Nicolle
    Child -- Thomas Poingdestre, #1
    Mother -- Elizabeth Effard
    Father Poingdestre #2

Thomas Poingdestre #2 b 1581 d 1669 Channel Islands
    Buried - Dec 20, 1669 St Savior
    Spouse -- Elizabeth Effard
    Child -- George Poindestre
    Mother -- Marguerite Messervy
    Father -- Edouard Poingdestre

Edouard Poingdestre b 1551, d Aug 1622
    Spouse #1-- Marguerite Messervy
    Spouse #2--Pauline Ahier, aft 1605
    Child -- Thomas Poingdestre #2 (to wife #1)
    Child w/#2--Jean 1609, Thomas 1613, Edouard 1610, Marie 1607
    Mother -- Marie Hamptone
    Father -- Jean Poingdestre
    Occupation--Seigneur of fief es Poingdestre
                      Constable of St Savior 1586-1587

Jean Poingdestre
    Spouse -- Marie Hamptone
    Child -- Edouard Poingdestre
    Mother -- Grette Ahier
    Father -- George Poingdestre

George Poingdestre
    Spouse -- Grette Ahier
    Child -- Jean Poingdestre
    Mother --  unknown
Many more Poingdestre's to sort out, going to 1220

The Crawford Family

Sarah Crawford--b 5-12-1666 Amherst or New Kent, VA US, d 1752 Louisa Co, VA US
    Spouse #1-- Thomas Poindexter
    Child -- Elizabeth Poindexter
    Spouse #2--Rev James Breechin, Anglican priest
    Child--Anna Breechin, Snow Hill Parish
    Mother -- Jane unknown
    Father -- David Crawford

David Crawford--b 1625 Kilbirnie Scotland; d 12-13-1689 New Kent, VA US
    killed by Indians, Assaquin Plantation at New Kent (year is questionable)
    Spouse -- Jane X
    Child -- Sarah Crawford
                Elizabeth b 1668, married Robert Lewis, gmother of Meriwether Lewis
                John, Judith, David II (&Elizabeth Smith)
    Mother --Margaret Blair
    Father -- John Crawford
    Note: His house "Tusculum" was purchased by Sweet Briar College in Amherst Co, once part of Albemarle Co.
    At death, had 4,584 acres. incl most of Richmond farmland, left to a grandson
    Vestryman at St Peter's Parish from 1685-death
    House of Burgesses 2 yrs
    Immigrated to US with father only 1643
    referred to as David the Immigrant

  John Crawford, b Eng. d VA Bacon's Rebellion 1676
    Spouse -- Margaret Blair, b Engl. did not come to US
    Child -- Sarah Crawford
    Mother -- Janet Ker
    Father --
    Immigration to Us 1643 with son David, supposedly first Crawford to arrive here.
Crawfords were supporters of Charles I. leader of the house of Stuart. They were Cavaliers.
    US occupation - tobacco farmer

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