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         Gabriel Martinez was the youngest of 9 children. Before he was born, his father Juan went to fight in the war. Juan never made it back. Gabriel’s mother, Anna Maria, was forced to make serious choices for the family. The two oldest boys, Juan Jr. and Miguel, were sent to their uncle Carlos’ farm to live and work. The oldest daughter, Mariella, was married to a farmer in the next county. The other daughter, Josephina, was apprenticed to a seamstress in the city. Next the twin boys, Emanuel and Christopher, were given to a blacksmith and printer. The two youngest, Joseph and Charles, were not of age yet, when Gabriel was born, to enter apprenticeships so they stayed with their mother while they finished school.

           When Gabriel was born, Anna Maria knew that he would be special. Her brother was the town’s priest, so she asked him if he could take her son to raise.

         “I am dying Frances, thus the reason I had to find a place for my children. I want you to raise him, because he deserves to live a smart life, such as you were. He will do great things, his heart is strong.”

         When Gabriel was 2 years old, his mother passed away. All of the family came to the town for the service. Since Frances was performing the service, Gabriel was forced to sit next to his Father’s brother Carlos. During the service Gabriel began to cry.

         “Hush young one, everybody is watching you. ” Carlos whispered into Gabriel’s ear.

         “ Who is everybody? ” Gabriel asked. He then turned to scan through the crowd and saw that not everybody was crying or even weeping. He then turned to Carlos and asked, “Isn’t everybody sad at mama’s passing?”

         Carlos answered, “ Just some people. Others are happy for her life because she was a good woman, good wife, and good mother. Her soul will rest in paradise.”

         Gabriel did not go to public school. Instead his uncle Frances taught him at home. He learned to read by reading the bible. He had memorized the catechism book, before he was eligible. He spent his days studying the saints, apostles, and especially the life and death of Jesus.

         Another fascination was the beauty of God’s creation. He read books on biology, botany, zoology, and astronomy. His fascination with all of God’s creation grew the more he studied. Since he was home schooled he was allowed to go to university at age 13. He passed the entrance exam and decided to first study all the sciences. He knew there would be plenty of time for seminary after he satisfied his scientific curiosity. He was a bit concerned that the scientific theories did not have a religious hold, but he kept that to himself and decided that he would be the one to change that world.

         After university he entered the seminary. Gabriel didn’t see himself running a church, but he wanted to explore the religious world the same way that he explored the scientific. He was certain that a balance could be found between the two worlds. Of course, during seminary Gabriel was taught that God was the cause of all things. While he believed that, he couldn’t discount the science and how certain things evolved in order to survive.

         After graduating from the seminary Gabriel went on a missionary assignment in the African rainforest. Everyone was sure that he was there to help convert the natives, bur they were not aware that he had been buying scientific equipment and was taking it on his trip. He spent five years in the African rainforest collecting his data and discovered something that disturbed him. He came back to the states and applied for a PhD program, finally getting accepted in Rome. After taking all of the required courses Gabriel pitched his doctorial thesis to the board. They were intrigued and granted his application. Gabriel began the long laborious journey that lay ahead of him.

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