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by puay
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An audio-visual script for Rendition, a talent contest. Contains Singaporean jargon.
Narrated by 23 individuals. Each line is spoken by a different person.

What you see here are 23 individuals.
Certain things about us may be the same,
But that doesn’t mean we are.

We can like the same things.
Like the bar chor mee at Bedok 85!
Tau huay at Selegie!
Stop! This is making me feel hungry!

Or dislike the same things.
Like the weather.
Yar lor. So humid!
I think its ok actually…
You stay on the 18th floor at Bukit Merah!
There’s nothing to block your wind, of course its ok!

Har Bukit Merah? Are we talking about our neighbourhoods now?
If we are, I want to say that Woodlands rocks!
Yeah. We rock, we rock rock.
I like where I stay at too.
If I stayed in a condo, I would like it too.
Some of our homes are pretty humble.
But for others…their houses are like mini-castles.
Why are you looking at me? I’m not that rich lar!
Well, but you do come from a distinguished school.

Does one still get branded by the school they attend?
I, for one, am proud that I came from an all boys’ school.
I came from an all boys’ school too!
Yay for all girls’ and all boys’ schools!

My home is like an all boys’ school. My mom is the only female.
Haha. Mine is like an all girls’ school!
Doesn’t matter to me, I’m the only child.
I both live in and attend a “mixed school” in this case!

Am I the only one here who doesn’t like my school?
No. I didn’t like mine too.
Just hang in there; you’ll be out before you know it.
Tough times will always pass.

Some of us are out of school and serving the country.
I’m a soldier, 3rd sergeant. You! Private! Knock it down!
I’m not taking that order while I have this…ORD LOR!
Were you this loud before NS?

What’s wrong with being loud?
Why are some of you so quiet?
It’s quite scary for some of us you know, being up here.
Yeah. I don’t know what to say.

I wonder why some of us are so shy,
While some of us are so not shy, right?

Well, there’s a quote about life that explains:
Life: It can only be understood backwards,
But it must be lived forwards.
So even though our situations, our schools,
The places we live in; play in, grow in,
May overlap sometimes…
We still live completely different lives.
Yet, we are all stars in our own right.
And on this stage, we will have the same chance to shine like stars.
The stage is set, the audience is waiting.
This is…Rendition.
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