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a collection of "unused" Nancy Drew limerick poems based on the books by Carolyn Keene!
MORE NANCY DREW limerick poems!
by Amriel Simpson

(these are the "un-chosen" ones that didn't make the original list!)
also known as the "deleted alternate" poems!

Nancy Drew #6: The Secret of Red Gate Farm

At the farm with the gate that is red
A “Nature Group” wears sheets from a bed
The colony, Black Snake
Makes money that’s fake
In the next book Nancy greets Ned

Nancy Drew #7: The Clue in the Diary

At a house-fire, Nancy car gets a denter
Ned Nickerson tears off the fender
She had just stopped to look
And had found a red book
The diary of a swindled inventor!

Nancy Drew #9: The Sign of the Twisted Candles

That relatives visit Asa, and are elated
Seems to Asa a smidge belated
A will is left
And most are bereft
Except Sadie, who is related!

At the Sign of the Twisted Candles
Asa is trying to get a handle
On people elated
who although related
Are little more than vandals

Nancy Drew #10: The Password to Larkspur Lane

At a rest-home (not a condominium)
Patients’ rights were kept to a minimum
a pigeon (not a gull)
sent word from Doctor Bull
of the passcode (another word for Delphinium)

Nancy Drew #11: The Clue of the Broken Locket

At Jolly Folly, a ritzy lair
Entertainers Johnny and Kitty Blair
Try to adopt
But by Nancy is stopped
With a locket the real mother wears

Some entertainers have a yen
To adopt a pair of twins
There’s no telling how low
Kitty and Johnny will go
But Nancy finds the real parents in the end!

Stars Kitty and Johnny have a yen
To adopt a pair of twins
Nancy puts in her pocket
A broken heart locket
That’s used to find the parents in the end!

Stars Kitty and Johnny have been
Trying to adopt some twins
A locket that’s broken
Although just a token
Is used to find the parents in the end!

Kitty and Johnny have a yen
To adopt a pair of twins
With the help of Rodney and Ruth
Nancy Drew learns the truth
And the children are saved in the end!

Nancy Drew #12: The Message in the Hollow Oak

On a radio show witten by Ann
Nancy wins first prize! Some land
It is not sold
Because there is gold
And a couple is reunited by Nan

In a contest Nancy wins land
Where gold can be dug just like sand
Tom, Buck, and Ray
Offer to pay
but Nancy won’t sell to this band!

in a contest, on the radio
Nancy wins land and then goes
It is no joke
Inside an old oak
Messages bring a couple much dough!

In Canada it is no joke
That inside a hollow oak
A letter informs
That Ann and Norm
Inherit, so they become married folks!

On the radio, in a contest
Nancy with first prize is blessed
Up in Canada
Nancy visits her land-ada
And finds Buck, Tom, and Ray to be pests!

In an oak a message informs
The couple, Ann and Norm
All that the pair
Inherits from Pierre
It’s all written down on the form

Nancy Drew #13: The Mystery of the Ivory Charm

Rai exits a train
Who seems to be somewhat vain
A child is whipped
Some potion is sipped
When energy, it seemeth to wane!

A performer’s father is riled
The kid stays with the Drews for a while
They visit a strange home
Through a maze they do roam
Coya turns out a royal child!

A circus train comes and all toil
when a snake wraps Nancy in a coil!
A child is abused
Who stays with the Drews
and then turns out to be royal!

Nancy Drew #14: The Whispering Statue

Miss Owen tells Nancy Drew
“you look just like a statue”
In the town of Sea Cliff
The girls go in a jiff
Just to see if it’s true!

Nancy Bess George on a lark
Visit the opening of Harrison Park
A dog takes some notes
That Miss Owen totes
Togo, a friend that does bark!

Nancy Drew #15: The Haunted Bridge

At Deer Mountain golf Resort
Nancy greets a player named Mort
Who played with a queen
But is somewhat obscene
Not at all Nancy Drew’s sort!

At Deer Mountain over a ridge
There is a particular bridge
If you care to hear it
Caddies speak of a spirit
And all are afraid, just a smidge!

Mortimer wears fancy wools
And tries to play golf by the rules
All are afraid (just a smidge)
Of a ghost on a bridge
And smugglers try taking jewels!

Nancy Drew does her best, but is stressed
Moritmer’s well dressed, but a pest!
On a bridge is a ghost
That is used the most
To scare all from jewels in a chest!

After falling, Nancy is hurt
But to the doctor asserts
She’s well enough to play
On (golf) tournament day
Of jewel smugglers she is alert!

A hurt wrist a doctor mends
Nancy then plays golf and wins!
The caddy is most
afraid of a ghost
That hides jewels, as it flaps in the wind!

Nancy Drew #16: The Clue of the tapping Heels

Nancy, Bess, and George find a cat
And take her to the owner’s flat
Annie tells of Gus
And makes a big fuss
About where all her money is at!

A way of code-tapping is new
Nancy Drew uses her shoe
Miss A.B.C.
tells Nancy without glee
about Gus she knows not what to do!

Neighbors of Annie make a fuss
And tell of missing child Gus
Parent Fred
Claims the child is dead
And finds a bank-account balance in the plus!

Although the father Fred
And spouse to whom such is wed
Claim money from Horace
As child related? Of course!
Gus turns out not dead!

Nancy taps-out "dits" and "dats"
Annie has twenty-six cats
and says that Fred Bunce
Is surely no dunce
When it comes to where Gus is at!

Nancy Drew #17: The Mystery of the Brass Bound Trunk

Miss Joslin is a lass
Who’s crass (with lots of sass)
She believes folks fools
And steals some jewels
She hides in trunks of brass!

Carson gives Nancy a trunk
To take on a ship (that hasn’t sunk)
While two say “ND”
One is Treldy’s
At the equator, all are dunked!

Miss Joslin, a mother who dotes
Suggests Nancy take another boat
Than daughter Nestreld’
As the idea is held
Nancy’s bad (a scape-goat!)

Washburn creates brass bound trunks
That lately resemble some junk
In Buenos Aires
Things get fairly scary
when stolen jewels inside are plunked!

On a ship (that hasn’t sunk)
There is a switching of trunks
Though two’re “ND”’s
Only one is Nancy’s
(One is nice, the other is junk!)

On a ship that hasn’t sunk
are stolen jewels (that aren’t junk)
Treldy’s mom and dad
Have been very bad
Hiding such in brass bound trunks!

Some trunks are built by Henry
That’re used by Nestrelda and Nancy
All sail to Buenos Aires
And things get scary
Stolen jewels are taken ‘cross the sea!

Nancy Drew #18: The Mystery of the Moss Covered Mansion

Nancy and her chums take a flivver
To a moss covered home near a river
There are heard-gun shots
And seen wild animals (lotsl)
That cause the girls to shake and quiver!

At a home where vegetation teems
in the woods, and near a stream
money’s stolen and the blame-o
is Madame Cully and gypsy Ramo’s
Nancy finds it and is held in high esteem!

At a moss covered home under the moon
Nancy Drew and her friends would find soon
animals that cause fainting
That a famous artist was painting
And buried money, owned by June!

At a home where moss needs a prune
Is buried stolen money owned by June
Ramo tried to inherit
And with spouse and daughter share it
But Nancy Drew would find it very soon!

Nancy Drew #19: The Quest of the Missing Map

Nancy Drew is studying art
And is said in other ways to be smart
‘though tied with ropes that bind
She does escape and find
A treasure map that is torn apart!

In Rocky Edge does a cottage most
Play to hidden inventions, a host
Little child Trixie
Who resembles a pixie
Is afraid to go in ‘cause of ghosts!

A chest is buried that is full of jewels
a torn map is a finding tool
Nancy Drew makes
Another that is fake
for Spike, Irene, and Fred to be fooled!

To Nancy Drew it’s surely no debate
To give up going with Ned on a date
To head to Rocky Edge
Where she makes a solemn pledge
To find a missing treasure map half’s mate!

A treasure map is torn in two
And given to some children who
Although related
Wind up separated
But are brought back together by Nancy Drew!

A sea captain Tomlin of great measure
Found hiding valuable jewels to be a pleasure
At the estate of Rocky Edge
Nancy Drew makes a pledge
To find a missing map, and then the treasure!

Nancy Drew #20: The Clue in the Jewel Box

Nancy Drew greeted Marie one day
Who is very much the opposite of fey
She’s missing a grand-child
(But Francis seems too wild!)
And her enamel egg is Faberge!

Nancy Drew had not planned ‘er
Greeting Miss Marie Alexander
In an enamel egg a bird
Sings a hidden word
That tells of another secret (in candor)!

Marie is missing a grand-child
Francis has a dog that’s wild
But you don’t have to beg
In a Faberge egg
An enamel making secret has been filed!

Nancy Drew greets Marie
Alexander, who does decree
Her grand-child is gone
Francis turns out a con
and the girls drink a lot of tea!

Nancy Bess and George greet Marie
Who is sad as she can be
She’d like to be kissing
A child she is missing
In an enamel egg, a secret’s set free!

Nancy Drew #21: The Secret in the Old Attic

New sheet music gives thanks
to song composer Ben Banks
Phillip says it’s not true
And hires Nancy Drew
Who finds evidence ‘neath attic planks!

To Carson Booker is a confider
who tells of a factory insider
Bushy steals formulas n’ songs
And commits other wrongs:
Like attacking Nancy with a spider!

Bushy Trott has the gall
To steal Fipp’s music (all)
In the March’s attic
Nancy Drew is pragmatic
Finding proof behind the wall!

On the radio Fipp’s songs are played
For which the March-family is not paid
Nancy Drew is emphatic
And searches an old attic
(Where a gun fires when touched by a maid!)

“Music’s stolen!,” Phillip March is emphatic
So Nancy Drew searches an attic
Where she finds things to pawn
But the songs seem to be gone
Until she uses another tactic

Evidence of music theft is sought
And Nancy Drew helps a lot
In an attic Nancy beats
Thieves to the music sheets
Yes Bushy Trott got-caught!

Nancy Drew #22: The Clue in the Crumbling Wall

It is surely no joke-a
That owner-ship papers invoke a
Search for Florianna
Who is not in Louisiana
To give her a castle on the Muskoka!

Clams, Mehearty is guttin’
looking for pearls but finds nothin’
there is a big hassle
finding the owner of a castle
that’s near a factory (that once made buttons)

Flossie’s engaged to Walter
And no one would ever fault ’er
Nancy’s a lucky girl
Who finds in a clam a pearl
And tries to find Flossie while Hector tries to halt ‘er!

Mehearty is an old salt
Florianna is engaged to Walt
Ownership of Heath castle
Causes a big hassle
Until Nancy Drew calls a halt

A castle’s given by Flossie’s fella
But is it her? It’s hard to tell-a
To see if it’s true
All check the fit of her shoe
Just like in Cinderella

In clams, most look for pearls and find nothin’
Over a castle a crumbling wall is juttin’
But a secret found inside
That Walter tried to hide
Tells of using whelks to color buttons!

Nancy Drew #23: The Mystery of the Tolling Bell

On one of Nancy’s coastal missions
Spirits as well as the tide have risen
In a cave people boast
A bell is rang by a ghost
And drugs cause elf-visions!

In Candleton, near the sea
Is a tea-shop, the Salsandee
A girl with a cart
Sells fake perfume (“My Heart”)
And Harry Tyrox cheats Miss Chantrey!

A delightful deli that sells tea
Is called the Salsandee
Customer Amos does tell
Of a Paul Revere-made bell
In Candleton, near the sea!

In a cave near the sea
A crime ring is found by Nancy
Fake perfume stocks the shelves
Nancy sniffs drugs n’ sees elves
And a ghost rings a bell with glee!

When visiting Candleton’s ocean-waves
Nancy, Bess, ‘n George are brave
To confront a ghost
Who is reckoned by most
To guard the entrance to a cave!

Nancy, Bess, and George visit the coast
And at a friend’s house eat toast
In the pantry
Kind Miss Chantrey
Tells of a cliff with a ghost!

Nancy Drew #24: The Clue in the Old Album

Gypsies play good violin
Of dolls Miss Struthers has more than ten
On one of their whims
Thieves steal her gems
On a family album cover they had been!

An old album cover that held gems
Stolen by gypsies are found when
Nancy Drew sees a picture
Of a fashion store fixture
That reminds her of another clue just then!

Miss Struthers’ child is gypsy Rose
And her doll collection grows and grows
One particular doll
Is special to them all
As it contains a substance that glows!

Miss Struthers and Rose, her girl
Collect dolls from all over the world
Nitaka and Anton
Steal them (‘til they are gone)
Nancy gives getting them back a whirl!

In a doll, in Miss Struthers’ clutch
An energy resides (in such)
That’s known to the gypsies
To not make one tipsy
But heals all who will touch!

Dolls Miss Struthers’ does hoard
And one has poison on a sword
Another has, say the gypsies
a substance that won’t make one tipsy
but heals those who drink (of their own accord!)

a substance inside a doll will heal
that gypsies then try to steal
at a doll and boat auction
Nancy gives a boat adoption
(As it was quite a deal!)

Enid’s family has gypsy traces
Miss Struthers’ dolls’re stolen and sold in many places
An album cover held jewels
That Nancy finds (she’s no fool)
And with Bess and George wins the boat races!

Miss Struthers collects lots of dolls
A gypsy pair steals them with gall
To pawn at toy shops
But the plan really flops
When Nancy Drew finds them all!

Nancy Drew #25: The Ghost of Blackwood Hall

A ghost at Blackwood Hall
Is created purposefully to appall
The mechanism is rigged
By fake company Three Twigs
But Nancy Drew stops them all!

Blackwood Hall can boast
Of being haunted by a ghost
It’s strung by a rod
And conceals jewel fraud
Nancy finds out, and all make a toast!

Blackwood Hall is most
Famous for its ghost
It’s strung by a rod
And conceals jewel fraud
(Not at all an elegant host)

Thieves are up to no good
At the estate known as Blackwood
Ghostly voices
And other haunting noises
Don’t stop Nancy from doing what she should!

Three Twigs company tries to make
Money for charity, but is fake
Blackwood Hall plays host
To a rigged-up ghost
But it is Nancy, not the spirits, who are awake!

A false company known as Three Twigs
In Blackwood Hall estate rigs
The appearance of a ghost
That is used-most
To scare up money, in séance gigs!

Miss Putney tells Nancy she is harried
By her spouse who is already buried
Henry says to give dough
But Nancy Drew says “no”
(Her reasons are many and varied)

Miss Putney tells Nancy she is harried
By her spouse who is already buried
Henry says to give dough
But Nancy Drew says “no”
As to criminals Miss Putney is not married

Though Miss Putney’s no mouse
She is told to give money by a spouse
To a company Three Twigs
That is fake and whose digs
Are Blackwood Hall, a haunted house!

Henry and Joe perpetrate jewel fraud
And rig up a ghost with a rod
Spirit voices solicit girls
That give their hair curls
But It is Nancy Drew ultimately they applaud!

In New Orleans is a church
That Nancy Drew stops to search
“give money,” say the spirits
To all that will hear it,
“And leave it in a walnut (not a birch)”

Brex siblings Howard and Joe
Commit acts that show they’ll go low
They threaten with a ghost
That’s Blackwood Hall’s host
Like a story by Edgar Allan Poe!

Spirits ask ladies to give
But Nancy believes that they live
The ghostly menace
Is stopped with help from McGinnis
That all may forget and forgive!

Nancy Drew #26: The Clue of the Leaning Chimney

Nancy’s returning from a charity sale
When someone drops a vase and bails
It is stolen pottery that is Ming
From a fake ceramic ring
That Nancy Drew finds and puts in jail!

In a home with a leaning chimney
“Release us!” captives do-plea
They are forced to make pots
That are fake (lots and lots)
‘Til Nancy Drew sets them free!

In a home with a chimney that leans
In Masonville, Nancy gleans
Secret messages that yelp
In another language: “help!”
(Soong tells Nancy just what it means!)

Nancy Drew tries to glean
What a Chinese message can mean
Soong says that “Phang”
Is “help!” (not a song)
It is heard near a chimney (with a lean)

A stranger drops a porcelain vase
And leaves without a trace
Copies of pottery are made
Criminals operate in the shade
‘Till Nancy Drew finds the place!

A “leaning chimney” property is home base
For a criminal operation to take place
Hostages make a copy
That is excellent (not sloppy)
Of a valuable Ming Chinese vase!

Near the road a person drops
A Ming vase from Dick’s pottery shop
Criminals did take
The object (to fake)
But are stopped by Nancy and the cops!

In Masonville criminal forgers bake
Chinese pottery that’s fake
From homes and museums
Originals are stolen just to see ‘em
To create copies (for money to make!)

A stolen vase is Ming
And Soong explains everything
The antiquated flagon
Was emblazoned with a dragon
And was owned by a Chinese king!

With Soong’s help Nancy Drew gleans
What a foreign cry for help means
It’s like winning the lottery
Nancy finds fake pottery
Being made where a chimney leans!

Nancy Drew #27: The Secret of the Wooden Lady

Though it is not widely understood
The “Bonny Scott” had a lady made of wood
It sat upon the prow
And indeed, it sits there now
Returned by Nancy Drew’s deeds of good!

On the “Bonny Scott’s” prow there should
Be a charming carved-lady made of wood
Nancy Drew brings it back
That the ship will not lack
It’s figurehead (back where it once stood!)

A clipper ship with sails all unfurl
Once had a figure-head, a carven wood girl
Inside it jewel of red
Besought by Flip and Fred
Is found (Nancy gave finding it a whirl)

Nancy heads to Boston, not to catch bass
Where a ship’s missing a carved wooden lass
Finding the ownership papers
Involves sundry capers
As jewels criminals seek to amass!

“The Bonny Scot” is missing its figure-head
Captain Easterly is harassed by Flip and Fred
Not stopped by the crew that’s shady
Nancy finds the wooden lady
Inside’s a ruby (a gem of red!)

To Boston is Nancy Drew led
Where a ship is missing its wooden figurehead
It’s also missing its papers
And after several nautical capers
They are found (with a gem of red!)

To Boston Nancy Drew and her friends jet
Where Ned Nickerson smokes a cigarette!
Boat ownership papers are gone
And jewel thieves try to con
But does Nancy stop them??? You bet!

Nancy Drew #28: The Clue of the Black Keys

In Florida are several Keys
Doctor Pitt’s captured, but Nancy sets free
Juarez had a mind
But it was Terry who’uld find
A treasure - a strange energy!

A professor greets - Terry Scott
Archaeology is what is taught
With Nancy finds buried
Treasure that’s varied
-A silver frog and energy lot!

In the jungles of Mexico it gets hot
And a “Frog Treasure” is fiercely sought
It is found, and buried inside
Silver frogs and energy hide
Just as the professors taught!

Nancy and Terry crawl through the bog
To search for the "Treasure of the Frog"
They search far and wide
To find hidden inside
A strange and beneficial grog!

Professors are fraught, as the jungles are hot
Treasure is sought (of which is taught)
Nancy and Terry
Find it with items that vary
Juarez is caught, and receives naught!

Doctor Pitt is kidnapped and gone
For Nancy Drew Terry does not fawn
Yet a treasure is buried
Whose contents are varied
So to help find it Nancy comes along!

In Professor Terry’s pages
Are treasures spoken of by sages
The ancients may not mind
That Nancy Drew would find
“the Secret of the Ages”

Nancy Drew #29: The Mystery at the Ski Jump

At a ski jump in Canada, Nancy
Catches criminals Sid and Mitzi
Who sold fake stocks
At a hearing John talks
And Chuck gets money from family!

Near a jump, for people who ski
Fake stocks’re sold by Mitzi
Carson and John
Stop from being gone
An inheritance from Chuck’s family!

In Montreal, Canada Nancy
Learns from Chuck how to ski
A team tries to hawk
Furs and fake stock
It consists of Sidney and Mitzi

John Horn helps ski jumper Chuck
Win an inheritance - what luck!
In cold Montreal
Mitzi Channing has gall
And lots of fake stocks to huck!

Fake stocks and stolen furs adorn
The swindled (and by whom such is worn)
But in cold Montreal
Mitzi Channing has a fall
And Chuck is helped by the testimony of John Horn

Mitzi has a fake stock con
She sells stolen furs, then is gone!
More she tries to dump
At a Canadian ski jump
But is stopped by Nancy and John!

In Montreal, at a ski jump
Mitzi Channing is a pain in the rump
Victims’ wrath she incurs
She sells stolen furs
And has fake stocks to dump!

In Canada Mitzi Channing tries to hawk
Stolen furs and phony stock
These she tries to dump
Right near a ski jump
But her criminal ways would Nancy Drew mock!

In Montreal, Canada brr!
Mitzi Channing sold stolen fur
She also would hawk
A bunch of fake stock
And Nancy Drew’s wrath she’d incur!

Nancy Drew goes to cold Montreal
Where Mitzi Channing has the gall
To sell fake stock
Stolen furs she would hawk
Until Nancy Drew causes her down-fall!

At a Canadian ice skating rink
Mitzi sells fake stock and stolen mink
And with partner Sidney
Swindles-those who came to ski
‘Till Nancy Drew puts ‘em in the clink!

Nancy Drew #30: The Clue of the Velvet Mask

Nancy masquerades (as Gloria is invitin' ’er)
Local events are handled by Lightner
Velvet hood wearing smarties
Steal from the parties
Nancy investigates and soon they are fight’n’er!

For help citizens fervently ask
When people who wear velvet masks
Steal quite hearty
From every local party
But Nancy Drew is up to the task!

In a velvet mask is written a date
In the road is seen a charge plate
All leads to Taylor’s store
Where Nancy Drew learns even more
For more parties to rob, thieves can’t wait!

Neither had planned to be a failer
When Pete and Burt sold stolen items at Taylor’s
When no one seemed to object
They had little reason to suspect
That Nancy Drew would soon be their jailor!

River Heights criminals are set
Who put on masks of velvet
But Nancy Drew’s on the case
Who puts them all in their place
Yes, indeed, their match is met!

Plans by criminals are made
To steal valuable objects displayed
At River Heights parties
Velvet hood wearing smarties
Are stopped when Nancy lends aid!

At parties in River Heights’ homes
Thieves steal with a fine-tooth comb
They wear velvet masks
And hope to accomplish their tasks
But these streets doth Nancy Drew roam!

River Heights has lately been bugged
By party thieves who have lugged
Valuables away
Nancy and friends join the fray
With a hypo, George Fayne is drugged!

It all seems so unreal
Velvet hooded thieves would steal
Silver items displayed
At a local masquerade
But Nancy Drew stops them with zeal!

Nancy Drew #31: The Ringmaster's Secret

The Sims circus can never be topped
The Ringmaster wants Pietro stopped
With Lolita, the clown in love
Is helped as the law’s above
Reinhold (who never did legally adopt!)

Nancy Drew learns to trick ride a horse
And is hired by the circus, of course
Rosa’s hurt - Nancy takes over
But it’s not all roses and clover
As Ringmaster Reinhold tries to stop her with force!

In Sims circus Nancy Drew rides a horse
And with the ringmaster, things get worse
Reinhold steals Lolita’s money
And doesn’t think the clown is funny
But Pietro marries Lolita in the end, of course

Things go from just bad to worse
As Reinhold takes Lolita’s money with force
“Oh how the ringmaster irks us!”
Lolita cries, about the circus
But at least Nancy Drew gets to ride a horse!

Nancy Drew learns to trick ride
And In her Lolita can confide
Reinhold did not adopt
And by Nancy is stopped
(As stealing Lolita’s inheritance, Nancy can’t abide!)

Lola would give her daughter hugs
But instead is in England given drugs
Reinhold the ring-master
Is causing the disaster
‘Till from under-feet, Nancy pulls out the rugs!

In Nancy Drew aerialist Lolita can confide
Step-father Reinhold is taking her for a ride
She’s in love with Pietro, a clown
And the circus goes from town-to-town
Nancy finds Lolita’s mom and restores her pride

“Reinhold can’t stop our love!” Lolita cried
To Nancy Drew (working the circus on the inside)
Even the clowns don’t think it’s funny
Nancy Drew finds Lolita money
By finding her mom, and restoring her pride

In the circus Nancy Drew is working (“inside”)
As Reinhold is taking Lolita for a ride
The ringmaster drugs her mom
So Lola will think Lolita’s gone
But stealing her inheritance, Nancy can’t abide!

A charm bracelet missing one is royal
And who’d think that such a thing’d embroil?
Nancy Drew in a circus fraud
But it does and all applaud
When the ringmaster-thief is hit with the recoil!

In the circus, run by family Sims
Lolita’s inheritance just slowly slims
But then it slowly grew
After some sleuthing by Nancy Drew
(Who also learns horse-back riding in one of her whims!)

The Sims circus has just come to town
And aerialist Lolita’s in love with a clown
But no-one thinks it’s funny when
The ringmaster steals her money
(But doesn’t get away with it when Nancy Drew’s around!)

Nancy sees on Lolita’s neck (not her arm)
What appears to be her missing circus charm
The bracelet is royal
And Nancy’s friend-ship’s loyal
She stops the ring-master from causing Lolita harm!

Nancy Drew #32: The Scarlet Slipper Mystery

Nancy Drew wishes to be a bit hipper
So she studies dance with a couple that is chipper
It would be found that her new friends
Henri and Helene
Are used to hide stolen gems (in a painting of slippers!)

In a painting representing scarlet slippers
Nancy Drew finds a clue when applying paint stripper
Hidden in the paint
Are jewels to make one faint
Thieves are arrested, then all are chipper!

The Amiens use aliases as a feint
To hide stolen jewels inside some paint
Applied to Henri’s canvas
A fortune there to amass
But with Nancy sleuthing, getting away with it they ain’t!

To the United States Henri and Helene are led
Looking guilty, but are actually instead
Used by the real thieves
Who will get away with (they believe)
Hiding gems inside a painting of slippers of red!

While Henri and Helene teach ballet
Jewel thieves are looking for a way
To hide stolen jewels
Inside a painting, believing all fools
(But Nancy Drew is not and saves the day!)

Henri and Helene Provak
Are wanted by Centrovian police to go back
But they’d rather stay
In River Heights teaching ballet
As for doing this, they have the knack!

Nancy sees a clue and tries not fainting
Elite Dancing school sells the red slipper painting
Nancy cared not for the cost - oh!
As hidden in the impasto
Stolen gems are hidden there (tainting)

Thick paint, like used by Van Gogh
Can be used to hide jewels, Nancy knows
There, in the impasto
Stolen gems beyond cost - oh!
Right there! in the red ballet slipper toe!

Thieves Tomas and David Raoul
Stole and then hid some valuable jewels
Nancy almost wound up fainting
Finding them inside a painting
When she scraped off a part with an artist’s tool!

Some jewels are stolen in France
Henri and Helene flee without a backward glance
It was because of threat-phobia
They were leaving Centrovia
To come to the United States to teach-dance!

Nancy Drew #33: The Witch Tree Symbol

Thieves stealing furniture to get rich
Try to threaten with the symbol of a witch
It is placed on a tree
For Nancy Drew to see
But in their plans does Nancy Drew place a hitch!

Miss Tenny and cousin Alpha will be rich
Inheriting furniture, but there is a hitch
Thieves break in and steal
And to the Amish town reveal
A belief that Nancy Drew is a witch!

A “witch sign” is placed on a tree
To frighten Nancy Drew to flee
While she considers quite droll
The Amish hex-symbol
‘Til she solves the case, in Lancaster she will be!

Miss Tenney inherits and will be rich
But her furniture is stolen without a hitch!
Nancy’s sleuthing, thieves are inclined
To stop with an Amish hex sign
And when that doesn’t work, accuse her of being a witch!

Alpha Zinn always had an itch
To make replica furniture (but not to switch)
On the other hand Roger
When Nancy investigates, tries to dodge ‘er
As stealing is more the Hoelts’s niche!

Thieves stealing furniture to get rich
Try to threaten with the symbol of a witch
It is placed on a tree
For Nancy Drew to see
But for sticking to detectiving, Nancy has an itch!

Thieves steal antique furniture and flee
For Nancy Drew Miss Tenney has a plea
Get the cherry wood tables back!
Though Hex signs are used to attack
Nancy’s not stopped by a symbol on a tree!

Stealing furniture is Roger Hoelt’s main goal
Who tries to scare Nancy with a hex symbol
But she and her friends don’t stop
And with help from the cops
Expose the thieves and render their plans null!

For sleuthing Nancy Drew feels a pull
And is not thwarted by an Amish hex symbol
Thieves who stole a table
In the end are not able
To get away (as finding them is Nancy’s goal!)

For Miss Tenny’s aunt she pays respects
But when furniture is stolen she is perplexed
But with help from Nancy Drew
The criminals are through
(Though they tried to stop her with a hex!)

Nancy Drew learns the symbol of a hex
Is used by criminals, not religious sects
Who had stolen antique tables
And thought they’d be able
To frighten, but Nancy Drew they cannot vex!

Of antiques one could say Miss Tenney
Was about to inherit quite a plenty
George Washington’s tables
At auction (are quite able)
To be worth beyond a pretty penny!

Miss Tenny inherits much from Sara Follett
Criminals arrive'n furniture’s what they get
Their criminal design
Is to frighten with a hex sign
But Nancy Drew’s not stopped! (you can bet!)

Miss Tenney and cousin Alpha Zinn
Inherit tables of George Washington
Thieves steal and place a hitch
Accusing investigators of being a witch
But it’s not Nancy Drew who’s committing any sin!

George Washington’s own furniture
Thieves find has quite an allure
It’s made of cherry (not pine)
The criminals leave hexes behind
But does Nancy Drew stop them, sure!

Miss Tenney admires her closest kin
Her cousin, whose name is Alpha Zinn
Who often sells antiques
And; is like, a total freak
Over tables owned by George Washington!

Miss Follett’s robbed and feels used
Nancy Drew investigates and is accused
Of being a witch in Pennsylvania
(Not a vampire from Transylvania)
But she’s only trying to help and is confused!

Antiques like tables (not a hutch)
Are wanted by criminal thieves very much
But there’s nothing they can do
They are stopped by Nancy Drew
In the land of the Pennsylvania Dutch!

Replica furniture does Alpha Zinn make
A couple buys-such with money that’s fake
The Hoelts eventually confess
When police make an arrest
And find Miss Tenney’s furniture they did take!

Nancy Drew #34: The Hidden Window Mystery

In Virgina at Ivy Hall in the cellar below
There’s no way actress Sheila Patterson could know
What Sir Richard wants most of all
Is hidden behind a wall
A valuable family antique stained-glass window!

Sheila Patterson lives at Ivy Hall
Where at night is heard a peacock’s call
Nancy and friends visit, getting the itch
After hearing of a reward from Sir Rich
Whose antique window’s found hidden behind the wall!

To Virginia Nancy Drew and her friends go
Looking for a valuable stained-glass window
Behind a brick wall
In the estate of Ivy Hall
It is found, in the cellar below!

In a cellar behind brick and board
Is found the window of an English lord
Alonzo Rugby studied to make
A window that is fake
But Nancy Drew finds the actual and gets a reward!

A stained glass window that is adored
By Sir Richard, who is an English lord
Is valuable beyond cost
But unfortunately is lost
Until Nancy Drew finds it and gets a reward!

Sir Richard, who is an English lord
Is offering quite a reward
For a missing stained-glass window
To Virginia Nancy Drew goes
To find the object Sir Richard adores!

Sir Richard searches for a window made of glass
A valuable family heirloom that can’t be surpassed
Alonzo Rugby studies to make
A copy that is fake
To sell as the original (though that is crass)

Nancy Drew is quite a plucky lass
Who searches for what Sir Richard would amass
To Virginia she and her friends go
Where in Ivy Hall’s cellar below
Is found a peacock-window made of glass!

In a newspaper ad Sir Richard explained
Missing a valuable object (the family once gained)
It is not just for show
A peacock-emblazoned window
Is made of glass, that is stained!

Miss Dondo and her relative Alonzo
Any length to make money will go
Even to study to make
To sell, though it is fake
A copy of a valuable antique stained-glass window!

From England an ad is placed by sir Rich
That’s a want-ad and not a sales-pitch
There’s a missing stained-glass-window
To Virginia Nancy and friends go
Where it’s found behind a wall in a niche!

In the night a wild peacock calls
A missing stained-glass window eludes all
Nancy searches, though none can tell ‘er
The window lies there in the cellar
Hidden behind the bricks of Ivy Hall!

Nancy Drew #35: The Haunted Showboat

Donna Mae, Alex Upgrove woos
Nancy visits New Orleans and takes a canoe
Out into the swamps
Where she hopes to accomplsh’
Uncovering a ghost (who says “boo”)

A visit to the Louisiana swamps
Becomes one of Nancy Drew’s many romps
Uncov'ring a ghost in a river boat
And the hidden gold of which it gloats
Is what she is trying to accomplsh’

In one of Nancy Drew’s southern romps
On a river-boat there a ghost stomps
At home stays housekeeper Hannah
While there in Louisiana
Pirate gold is found there in the swamps!

A ghost that seems to blend in with the fog
A river-boat where thieves try to hog
A chest of pirate coin
A wedding where Charles and Donne Mae join
Are what Nancy Drew and friends find in the bog!

To New Orleans Nancy Drew does not jog
But takes a car that’s stolen to place a cog
In the plans she is enjoy’n
To seek some pirate coin
She finds aboard a riverboat in the fog!

In a Louisiana swamp there’s a river
Where on a showboat a ghost makes folks quiver
But it’s only Alex and Spike
Nancy Drew and friends to psyche
To get the gold the riverboat would give ‘er!

In the New Orleans swamps a boat made for a river
Is haunted by a ghost who makes folks shiver
"It is not fit to be sold!"
Say those who wish for the gold
That pirates hid, that now the boat will deliver!

In the swamps surrounding New Orleans
Alex simply will not spill the beans
About a river boat
And a ghost who seems to gloat
About some pirate gold behind-the-scenes!

Pappy warns a riverboat is haunted
But Nancy Drew and friends are not daunted
Alex says "It’s not good to be sold!"
But is secretly searching for gold
As pirate treasure is what Spike and Alex wanted!

A riverboat is said to be haunted
But Charles Bartolome is not daunted
And heads out to the sticks
The showboat there to fix
So that at Mardi Gras it may be flaunted!

In the swamps north of Louisiana’s coast
A river-boat is said to play host
To a chest of pirate gold
So folks say "It can’t be sold!"
And try to scare away prospectors with a ghost!

Nancy and her friends wonder what to do
As they approach a riverboat in a canoe
Their guide, Uncle Rufus
Surely is no dufus
And tells of a ghost and pirate gold, too!

To Louisiana some folks are pulled
As a neglected river-boat’s said to hold
Aside from its haunted host
(A most peculiar ghost)
A chest, that's full of pirate gold!

Nancy and her friends take a canoe
Out to the swamps, where a ghost says “boo!”
Aboard a river-boat
Pirate gold there does float
While Uncle Rufus practices voo-doo!

Nancy Drew #36: The Secret of the Golden Pavilion

At Kaluakua estate in Hawaii
Kamuela would like for Nancy Drew to try
As much as she is nimble
To translate some Polynesian symbols
That Nikkio left, though no one understands why!

In miles from River Heights, Hawaii seems a million
But Nancy goes as a ghost seems not just silly’n
Kamuela also seems afraid
Of clues Polynesian symbols made
And of thieves stealing from a golden pavilion!

In Hawaii Kamuela shows Nancy a pavilion
That is painted golden (and not vermillion)
A hula ghost and gangs attack
But Nancy learns it’s money they lack,
Exposes their scheme, and Kamuela says “thanks a million!”

A Hula ghost dancer just can’t be real an’
Nancy Drew finds Hawaii hot, not chilly an’
Jim, Roy, and Janet
A scheme to steal (have planned it)
And they begin by taking parts of a golden pavilion!

Of questions about Kalulakua, Kamulea has a zillion
And Nancy Drew learns thieves steal from a pavilion
To frighten they set up a host
A hula dancing ghost
That Nancy exposes, then Kamuela says “thanks a million!”

At Kaluakua in Hawaii Nancy Drew is told
Thieves are ransacking a pavilion of gold
They keep police at bay
Using a ghost to frighten everyone away
While they take everything that can be sold!

In Hawaii is a pavilion painted gold
And there Nancy Drew and friends are told
That all along the coast
A hula dancing ghost
Frightens while thieves steal everything that can be sold!

Nancy learns while visiting Hawaii
That aloha is “hi” and also is “good-bye”
But she may remember the most
A hula dancing ghost
And giving translating Polynesian clues a try!

Kamuela asks Carson and Nancy Drew-a
To visit Hawaiian estate Kaluakua
A gang of thieves is exposed
Who as relatives of Nikko posed
While trying to frighten all with a ghost hula!

In Hawaii Jim, Roy, and Janet are very bold
Stealing from Kaluakua all that may be sold
But it takes more than a hula ghoula
For Nancy to fool-a (as a rule-a)
And it all happens near a pavilion of gold!
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