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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Horror/Scary · #1583224
Daily Flash Fiction Contest entry. A vampire defends humans against zombies and a wendigo.
Bran needed his flock of humans, without them he'd starve. He'd become fond of these humans, they have been good to him supplying him with a blood doll in return for leaving the rest of them alone. It was a good arrangement, he was given the blood he needed and he protected them from the zombies.

When the zombie plague ravaged the world the wendigos came with them.  Wendigos were a Native American myth leading up to the outbreak and were said to appear when cannibals were at work and they in turn would eat the cannibals. Well, as it turned out, they are real now and seem not to mind the walking dead cannibals but the undead or humans feeding on humans set them off.

This town, this hotel was the only thing on the map for miles: "Welcome to the vibrant village of Nimrod", the billboard read. It was clear that he would have to stand and fight, so Bran strode swiftly into the wave of zombies that encircled the derelict motel while drawing his claymore. Wielding the great sword with one hand, he raised it to shoulder height and lashed out in a circular motion cleaving the skulls of four zombies. 

The sea of zombies parted and the wendigo waded up to claim his meal. This is what Bran wanted, in death the wendigo would take the zombies with him. He vaulted off of the mound of zombies, his blade whirling like a propeller over his head, then the blade bit into the gaunt neck of the wendigo taking its head clean off. There was a chorus of booming howls that sounded like a thousand dying dogs as the zombies around him began to fall still and cold to the ground around him.

Word count: 296
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