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A prose poem about a young man getting laid off - me!
An unhappy and frustrated professional is he,
The young Transportation Analyst
Of a little less than two years,
Not pleased with his level of importance
And position at the once highly-sought-after,
Once busy private firm that welcomed him
Upon graduation with his Master’s Degree.
This mind-numbing, somewhat slow, yet functioning
Workweek featured a wardrobe of navy blue,
Black, and light blue polo shirts,
Tan and black-colored slacks,
And sturdy, yet casual brown and black shoes. 
This morning was different, though,
For he finally saw his complaints
As useless and inconsequential,
And was preparing to move forward
With renewed zeal and vigor
For what he now perceived was a very fortunate job
To land upon graduation.
But then came the pink slip –
His unhappy, but business-like manager
Expressing his deep, unwitting regret
That he had to lay off one of his best workers.
Shocked and dismayed,
Bruised and barely calm,
The young man requests to head home for the day;
And he realizes that no bridges should be burned
With his kind and truthful ex-boss...
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