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by Sumeet
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This is third part of seven part series for contest "14 days, 7 stories".
This is part 3 of the story for 14 Days, 7 stories contest.
Prompt #3
"Animal and food"
I've used the animals here in a different way, showed them as having superior instincts.
Word count: 752

Brett stops smiling and just keeps on looking at Tony.
"I'm ready to believe you, please tell me something about these people" Tony says.
"Which people?" Brett has good look of Tony for the first time, Tony wore an off white shirt with pale denim trousers and brown leather belt. He does not seem to have a very refined dressing sense.

"You were telling about some kind of hole and I think you were not making it up" Brett is still silent.
"See the thing is that some time back, somebody probably said the same things which you were saying just now. I'm using probably because I cannot exactly remember when was it said to me"

"And you don't even know who said it. Isn't it?" Brett said or rather he stated as a matter of factly and Tony nods.

"Do you know what is the basic difference between humans and animals?"Brett asks and Tony is not sure what he want to listen so he just indicates he doesn't know.

Now Bretts starts "Not ready to take chances! Has this been a question in examination then you probably had given 10-15 differences but now you are not ready even to try. Anyways I'll tell you, it's just that animals rely on instincts and we rely on brain. Fooling a brain is easy but fooling the instincts is not. Even after so many technological marvels the Japanese still rely on fishes to predict the earth quake. Fishes don't have to depend upon their brain their instincts are good enough."

Tony is not sure where this conversation is getting into so he goes to his desk and get hot dogs for himself and Brett. Brett is very hungry and starts eating it immediately and stops only when it is finished and it seemed to Tony that Brett doesn't even breathe while he was eating.

"There is one language which common to all of humanity and probably to animals as well and we are born with the knowledge of it as instinct.
But we loose it while growing up as we channel all our energies into official languages.
If we can understand it our understanding of ourselves and everything else would increase.
There is an another parallel universe which is what our instincts tell us."

"I didn't understand, what are you talking about" Tony speaks, he is confused and regrets staying back in the company of a lunatic.

Brett goes on "The creatures which talked to you about the holes are from that parallel universe and they talked to you in the language which we know by instinct"

Tony gets up and starts walking in the room which he now feels stifling and he needs fresh air.

Brett continues.
"If you look around then you will find that all different cultures even those which were indigenous and developed in isolation has the same concepts about life, death and life after death. Every culture has different food and still different customs but when it comes to life and death it is as if all thoughts started from same source."

Tony looks at Brett then looks away, he is feeling head ache.

"There is another universe which exists in same plane as our universe and with the interaction of these two universe we get different species. I guess you know that we need only three primary colors in different proportions to make any other color.
In the same way we need just these two universe to create anything.These interactions can create what we call as heaven and they can create what is known as hell!
Interactions always goes on after a short period and right now that short period of interaction of universe is going on after may be ten thousand or a million years. I don't know."

Tony replies "I don't understand what are you saying."

But Brett keeps on speaking without heeding to him.
"You probably know that science now knows how the survival of fittest affect the genes and there are different species which originated from same ancestors but still science does not know how these ancestors were born. Even a single celled creature cannot be created in labs!"

Head ache has increased now, he cannot withstand this anymore and starts to leave.

"Do you need any thing else or the interaction of universes is going to give you everything as I'm leaving now" Tony is uncharacteristically sarcastic now his right hand massaging the temple to get a slight relief from head ache.

"I need silence as I have to listen to find out where and when are these universes are going to collide. I need to find out as the creatures which would be created out of this interaction may or may not be friendly"

Tony stares at him and moves out of the room.

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