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A character sketch of Death.

    Character Sketch of Death

    First impressions are said to be important, that it will be embedded in the mind forever.  Perhaps even aiding in how the reader will treat one another for the remainder of the relationship?  Then again, the expression “Don’t judge a book by its cover” has an important meaning as well.  For example, the woman in your workplace that is always gritting her teeth, spitting acid, and letting her veins bulge to dangerous measures, could be that way due to a dominant spouse at home.  If one can look past the outer surface of a human being, the surprises to be found within will leave a much more significant impression than to one who is shallow, and bases everything off appearances.

    At a first glance a young man we shall dub as ‘Death’ can make any stranger leery.  His hair is bedraggled and faded black while his overall appearance is undernourished and cadaverous.  Death may look more comforting in a zombie flick than as a citizen perusing the streets.  As his pasty thin skin accentuates piercing hazel eyes, tiny artificial vampire fangs peek out from a red mouth.  In contrast to his physical appearance, after months of observation, a heart of gold was revealed to me.

    The personality of Death is a comforting thing to experience for someone such as myself.  His soothing words and theories flow from a well so deep within him, it befuddles me as to how one can be so mature for his age.  When confronted about this, I discovered that at a young age, his father had passed away in a car accident.  From that day on, he has made it a goal to become as good a person as his father was.  Often times when speaking of his hero, Death cannot control the tears that fall whether they be from good or bad experience.  This impresses me on a high level.  It is not everyday that a man can be so comfortable with expressing his emotions and not being ashamed of doing so.  My only problem is his desire for me to cry with him.  He explained to me that he wants to experience my every emotion possible, to grow a closer bond.  But due to my own insecurities, this is an emotion he will not witness for some time.

    Love and companionship are spoken of often with Death.  Past girlfriends of many shapes and sizes have hurt him, claiming him to be obsessive and psychotic.  I wish I could confront these girls who have said such things.  I do not think Death is psychotic; I believe he has only been attracted to women who have not been ready for a serious relationship until now.  He observes my every move, absorbs my every word, unable to spot a flaw or some underlying plot to ruin his life.  Being able to speak of his past with me is reassuring; ex-girlfriends usually grew jealous when Death attempted to explain his past.  Then again, if one does not wish to hear of another’s past and experiences, how can the reader be so sure as to how their friend or companion came to be the way they are?

    Aside from his corpse-like demeanor, Death enjoys bringing forth laughter from the lips of everyone around him.  He is so determined to please that he will go to great lengths to say or do the right thing, avoiding confrontation at all costs.  There is hardly ever a dull moment with this man, and when my own laughter rings out, his face lights up with a warm smile.  We both have expressed that it has been a long while since our sides have ached from laughing so much.

    The most alluring asset to Death is his desire to be a father.  He shows off his fatherly side with my son, whom rarely sees his birth dad.  Death treats my son well, playing in an equally hyper state of mind, always ready to kiss boo-boos and give hugs.  He has expressed his love for my son because my Joe lets him feel more and more like his own late father; and as our committed relationship flourishes, Death brings up his longing to adopt Joe as his own.

    The final thing I must bring up is Death’s reason for his physical appearance.  His lack of concern for his hair, his ultra thin build, worn clothing are nothing more than a defense mechanism.  He has told me that if a person really wants to get to know him, they must not judge him by his rat-like appearance; that if they can peer into his soul, they will discover a loyal and trustworthy friend.

    If I had ran away from Death the first moment of meeting him, I would have missed out on a really wonderful person.  Though some people may look scary or even mad, it does not necessarily mean that they are.  Those people might be subliminally challenging you to get to know them.  Therefore if one can look past physical appearances, one can begin viewing inner beauty instead.
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