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A collaberation of ultra shorts.

The Ultra Short – Writing #1

         I tuned in to the timber wolves serenading each other in the far off distance.  Their sad yet beautiful melody echoed against the trees, which sent my adrenaline level into a whirlwind.  The rising sun had been masked by a series of thick rolling clouds while the forest was blue-gray and seemed lifeless.  Rather than illuminate the thick vegetation of the ground, the shadows only grew deeper, hiding craters that would surely snap bones.  I quivered at the realization of my being the only soul around, awaiting a stealthy incubus or vampire to suddenly appear and take my life away.  The emissions of decaying leaves and animal flesh infringed my nostrils as I pressed onward, letting the prickly bushes and other unknown threats scratch and pierce my naked calves.  The contrast of warm blood against my cool flesh resulted with goose pimples forming as I felt the change dying down.  I was returning to reality, having to wait for the next full moon to rise.

Using Sentences for Sensible Writing – Writing #2

SOUND – Describe Surfing

The massive waves roared all around my little surfboard as the wind howled, piercing my eardrums.  I could hear the cries of seagulls overheard, seeming to cheer me on, urging me to reach the solitude silence of dry land.  The crashing thunder of the waves against the sand grew louder and I knew it was close.  Before I had realized, a thwack of my surfboard splintered against the rocks, followed by the sickening sound of bones breaking and my painful screams.  As I let the salt cleanse my aching wounds, I was lulled to sleep by the gentle gnashing of the ocean on the sand.

SIGHT – Describe a Sunset to a Blind Man

The thick oily blues and pinks collided around the bloody globose mass in the sky.  Subtle greens and oranges dissipated as the avian warriors soared and dove into the blackened forest.  The sanguine sun collapsed downward, wanting to escape the battlefield as any kind would.  The shadowy pine trees parted and welcome the daytime ruler into the earth for the remainder of the evening.  With the war completed, the sky was left vacant, covered in purple and black bruises.

SMELL – Describe the Smell of Breakfast

The delicious emissions of salty and fattening bacon send electric currants from my mouth to my brain.  I can feel my salivary glands began to overwork themselves as the rich aroma of the finest coffee joined the bacon, subtly sweetened with Irish creamer.

TASTE – Describe a 'Suicide Smoothie" of Meatloaf, Tomatos, Eggs, Etc

The numbing sensation hit my taste buds first.  A rancid mixture of earthy sage, ground cow, seedy fruit, and lemony bubbles clung to the back of my throat next.  An overwhelming flavor of liquid bird fetus coated my tonsils like rubber cement causing me to turn green. As I struggled to swallow the pre-chewed vomit texture I could only imagine a bum being satiated by such a concoction.  The thick and salty flavor of my saliva enveloped my tongue while the rainbow smoothie triumphantly ejected from my stomach.

TOUCH – Describe Baby Skin

The flesh is alabaster and nearly flawless.  As the light hits the baby, the tiny soft hairs turn erect, resulting with a sea of caterpillar hairs.  The smooth skin feels like highly compressed talc powder, causing you to fear with any further pressure, you would leave an indention.  The youth’s rump is squishy yet firm like fresh pizza dough.  A gentle caress of a child by a blind man would cause him to think he was touching a giggling cloud.

Descriptive Writing Starters – Writing #3

Observe and Describe Your World – Desribe a Memory using Imagery

I felt out of place, unwanted.  Why does Brent insist on me attempting to become friends with these alcoholic rednecks?  I watched the happy and sheltered children flock around the oval chestnut table that was overrun with presents.  The amount of gifts caused me to wonder if the ten-year-old birthday blondie would get a chance to play with any of them with 3 little sisters?  I highly doubt it.  The adults wore fake smiles, their eyes darting in my direction as I clung to the corner of the room wishing for the party to end.  As the birthday princess squealed gleefully with every unimportant box destroyed, a soft sobbing tickled my eardrums.  It was one of her overly spoiled sisters hiding and pretending to cry.  Her large brown eyes turned up at me, seeming to know I was not buying the thespian act.  Rather than show sympathy I stood like a statue while her doting grandmother, and the ancient mutt of a dog that was probably the same age as the granny, scoop the child up.  A group of party attendees surrounded her, leaving the birthday girl at the table alone.  Rather than give the child attention, she deserved a swift kick in the bum.

Describing the Characters Around You –

The young man’s cadaverous face was hidden behind long and fading black hair.  The tangled mass hung lifelessly, so enclosed with dirt and grease that it appeared damp.  His beautiful greenish-brown eyes were slightly arched and catlike, contrasting with his protruding blonde roots.  From afar he looked like a vampire, his body thin and undernourished while the veins on his forearms were decorated with silver scars.  A sudden smile revealed small fangs and an overbite, possibly resulting from a troubled childhood.  The dark circles under his eyes only drew more attention to himself as he drew in my soul, wanting me to understand his very being and become his love.

Writing #4 -

SIGHT – Parade

Various shades of skin collaborated on the once grayed concrete streets.  Silly hats covered with streamers, puffballs, and glitter hugged round faces as multi-colored confetti danced amidst the gentle breeze.  Giant air balloons of popular cartoon characters bobbed and swayed, trying to escape from the ropes that enslaved them to the ground.  As the parade came to an end, the happiness and feel of humanity soon faded.  The streets are now covered with trash like God had vomited on them.

SOUND – Dripping Sink

The constant dripping wakes you from a deep slumber.  You try to ignore the repetitious sound but it only grows louder, echoing against the bathroom walls.  Followed by the dripping, the plop of water in the sink bangs on your eardrums.  Another sound filtrates the air: a slurping sound.  As you rise and creak down the hall, you discover your feline companion drinking from the sink’s faucet.

TOUCH – Desk At School

The wood is cold and slick.  Not a wet slick however, but a dry and dirty slick.  You cannot see the dirt and bacteria that is covering the surface, but you know it is there, causing your skin to crawl and feel tainted.  A tingling sensation moves up your arm, the bacteria desiring more of yourself than you are willing to give.  Perhaps a quick squirt of wet antibacterial gel would do the trick?  Or would this only slather and anger the parasites into multiplying faster?

TASTE – Chocolate

The cold waxy square sets on your tongue as you close your mouth.  You can feel the heat inside you increase as the chocolate turns sweet and slowly melts its decadent flavor onto your taste buds.  A woody and yet slightly roasted aroma rises up and tickles your nostrils.  You begin to swallow the ever-growing fluid as the sweet and dark taste only intensifies with each passing second.  As the mass is swallowed, a pungent feel is left in your mouth.

SMELL – Bakery

The warm and comforting scents of freshly baked bread fill the air.  In contrast, the strong smell of garlic and buttery onion escape the oven as the pizza bread comes close to completing it’s turn.  As raw yeast is being used, to continue the process, a tingling sour flavor dominates your mouth.  How can bread this tasty, come from something so gross?  Smoke now erupts into the kitchen.  It smells dark, woody, and burned.

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