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Just a story that I am working on right now.

Some people will tell you that there is one person from their past, that no matter where they are in life, all that person has to do is just show up. Once that person shows up, their life is immediately turned upside down. That wasn't the case for Synthia Turner. Synthia, or Syn, as her friends called her, had three. Three men who continued to turn her life upside down every time she thought it had finally settled down.

Syn wasn't sure what would happen if one of those three men turned up while she was dating another one of those same three, as it had never technically happened before. The first two, Jay and Kevin, she had known since she was a kid. They had all been friends for a long time, and although Jay and Kevin's paths never crossed anymore, they still had mutual friends. And they still had Syn. The third man, Tony, didn't come into the picture for almost a decade after Syn had cemented friendships with the other two.

Syn technically met Kevin first, in elementary school, although she dated Jay first, in high school, then promptly broke up with him for Kevin. That relationship didn't last long, neither one did. She remained friends with both, although I suppose you could call Kevin more of an acquaintance, and Jay more of a best friend. When Syn was 16, and Jay was 17, he announced that he would be joining the Army. Syn was heartbroken. He meant the world to her, she loved him more than life, but of course, she never told him that.

The following Spring he left, and Kevin stepped in. They started getting together; first he was around to help her heal from Jay leaving, then because they enjoyed spending time together. The more time she spent with him, the more she fell in love. She never told him, either, and so they remained just friends. Eventually they, too, went their separate ways. There was no real reason, they just drifted apart, as so many friends do.

A few years later, when she was 21, Syn got a bar tending job at an out of the way hole-in-the-wall bar. It was there that she met Tony, a man who made her laugh. He was the reason that she looked forward to work every day. Over the next 3 years they dated a few times, but it never seemed to work out, and they remained on good terms.

Syn eventually moved out of state, and she lost touch with all three men completely. It was when she once again thought that her life was on track that it went spinning wildly out of control. Due to three different circumstances, all three men entered her life at the exact same time. It was the one thing she never expected; having to decide which of those men was the one that she wanted over the others.

This story is the result of that fateful Summer.

to be continued.....
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