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About a pedophile meeting a young girl on a chat and meeting her..
Sugah: Hey.
Heartthrob: Hi love.
Sugah: Hehe, what's up?
Heartthrob: The sky. ;)
Sugah: You're too funny, Robby.
Hearttrob: And you're perfect, Chelse. =)
Sugah: *Blushes*
Hearttthorb: You're cute when you blush.
Sugah: You don't even know what I look like, how would you know?
Heartthob: I can just tell.
Sugah: Well.. How about you find out?
Hearttrhob: What ever do you mean?
Sugah: Sugah is trying to show you a picture. Click OK to see it.
Heartthrob: Ooo dear, you're stunning. Really, I wouldn't lie to you.
Sugah: Thank you, Robby. It means a lot coming from you.
Heartthrob: Heartthrob is trying to show you a picture. Click OK to see it.
Heartthob: Don't laugh now.
Sugah: I'm not.
Heartthrob: you like it?
Sugah: Mhm, you're very handsome.
Heartthob: Hmm, so you really do like older men, eh Chelse?
Sugah: No.. But I like you. =)
Heartthrob: I thought you said you loved me. =(
Sugah: You know I do. =P
Heartthrob: And I love you, kitten.


Heartthrob: We shoud meet up. I wanna kiss those cute little lips of yours.
Sugah: I don't know..
Heartthrob: What? Don't you really want to see me?
Sugah: Yeah, I'm just not sure.
Heartthrob: You know me Chelse.. I'm not some old creep trying to steal you away.
Heartthrob: I love you.. and you said yourself you love me so what is the problem?
Sugah: There is no problem.. I'd like to.
Heartthrob: Good girl.. Now where do you want to meet up?
Sugah: You pick, I'll be there.
Heartthrob: Coffee shop on Willow street?
Sugah: Perfect! That's a 20 minute walk from me.
Heartthrob: Then that works out awesome! Can't wait to see you're pretty little face.


Chelse walked into the coffee shop, her flower dress swinging at her knees. She had dressed up for the meeting, wanting to look her best for Robby. He was older so she figured he'd like a more classy look. So she put on her favorite summer dress and curled her fiery red hair, which swung out behind her as she walked down to the end table. She had spotted him, his eyes off looking elsewhere. A bright smile was on his lips as he tapped his foot on the white marble floor. "Rob?" She asked softly, her voice small and innocent. He looked up quickly and his smile got even brighter, if that was even possible.
"Chelse love, you look even better in person." He said and got up, bending down to wrap his large arms around her in a tight hug; a hug someone would sight and think it was only a father showing effection towards his daughter. Pulling back he looked her over once again, "Jeesh, you really don't look 13.. It's amazing how much you look like a woman." Chelse blushed and averted her eyes down. He was so sweet, even in person. He may have been older, but he wanted her. Her. She had got to know him before she met him, so she was safe. He was nice and sweet. Kind even. He wasn't going to do anything funny. Robby was in love with her, he wouldn't hurt her.
"Thank you."

"So sweetie, you really are looking forward to going back to school? I used to hate it when I was younger." Robby muttered as he started his sports car. It purred like a kitty.
"Well I strive to learn." She giggled and sat back in the large leather seat. She was trying hard to sound older than she was. It was easier on the chat. Robby chuckled, a deep hearty chuckle only a man could pull off.
"Well, I think you're pretty smart as it is." He glanced over at her and smiled before pulling out of the parking lot. Tapping his fingers on the wheel, he took another glance at her. Chelse looked out the window, oblivious to his stares which got more stalkish by the minute.
"Thanks for driving me home.. I really appreciate it." She said and turned her face, curles bouncing, to look up at him. He nodded, smiling at her.
"Not a problem.." He muttered and took a corner, slowing down a bit on the road before pulling over onto a small dirt path; a bike trail. "Now Chelse.." He bit his lip and looked back over to her, cocking his head to the side. "What are you going to do for me in return?" Chelse eyed him a little, cupping her hands in her lap.
"Uh.. I'd invite you in, but my sister is home."
"Don't make excuses.. I'm sure whatever you have in mind we can do here." He moved a hand to gesture outside where they were hidden by the brush. Her cheeks blushed a deep red and she looked down to her lap. She hadn't meant that. She was merely just going to show him around, hang out a little longer.
"No no.. I think maybe another time."
"Don't be shy love.. I can take it slow." He moved in closer, running a hand from her knee to her thigh under her dress. His palm was sweaty and cold, gave her pale skin goosebumps. When she looked back up at him her eyes showed the essence of innocence but she nodded slowly.
"Okay." Her voice was a whisper. And when Robby leaned in and captured her small lips in his, she gasped loudly and went to push at his chest; only stopping herself when she thought about what she was doing. It was Robby. She wanted to kiss him. She loved him and he loved her. And people who loved each other kissed. There was nothing wrong with that.
"Be my pet love.." He whispered against her lips, his stubble roughly digging in her cheeks and chin. Without thinking, because she couldn't think with him - he thought for her; she nodded, just wanting him to love her. She liked the feeling of being wanted and he gave her that feeling. And that night, she never made it home.
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