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Written for Daily Flash Fiction Challenge . . . a quick mystery
by Adam Forge
Prompt: Write a story containing these words: sunscreen, tourist, camera
Must not exceed 300 words.

Nude Beginnings Nudist Retreat was the scene of a ghastly murder. Jacob Rawlings, billionaire CEO, and his lovely wife, had come seeking a little R-n-R. Jake’s rest would be an eternal one. He'd been found lying naked -- throat slit -- the white sand around him stained red with his blood.

The photographer finished snapping shots of the grisly corpse, and put away his camera.

“So, Collins, what next?” Detective Sommers approached me. “Where the hell did the killer hide the knife? Everyone’s naked.” She scanned the gaggle of naked onlookers slathered with sunscreen, hoping to spot one who wore at least some small article of clothing in which to stow a weapon. Unfortunately, all of them were in their most natural state.

“There’s only one way the killer could’ve pulled it off,” I said. Calling the other investigators over, I explained my plan. “Me and Jackson will do the men. Sommers, you and Andrea have the ladies.”

Having no leads to the killer, everyone present was a suspect. One by one, we escorted each unwilling, nude tourist into a nearby restroom. One by one, they emerged again, flushed and flustered.

Within half an hour, our search ended. I heard Sommers calling. I went to see what she’d found.

“You’re brilliant, Collins!” She reached out a latex-gloved right hand to shake mine. I declined the offer. Her other hand was closed around some object. I could guess what it was. “Look,” she said, opening her left hand, palm up. There lay a four-inch razor blade pocket knife, flecked with feces, and streaked red with what could only be the blood of Jacob Rawlings.

“Found it in Mrs. Rawlings. . . Just where you said it’d be.” She grimaced. “Must’ve been painful getting it up there.”

WORD: 295
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