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Time eras I wished that I would have lived in.
I wished that I could have lived back in the past. Sometimes, I think that maybe I did. I have a thing for Medieval Times and I feel a connection. I decided to write about it. I will let my thoughts flow away here.

Cave Men Times. I wouldn't have wanted to be a cave man or cave woman. I wouldn't have wanted to hide from dinosaurs and living in a cave would have been too damp for me. I love animals but dinosaurs and seber tooth tigers wouldn't make for good pets. What did they do to relax? I supposed I could have wrote drawings on the cave walls but I am not very good at art work.

The Bible Times. That would be a tough one. I wouldn't have cared to live before Jesus came to earth. It would have been nice to have been an Egyptian Princess but the royal Egyptians didn't believe in God. I am a strong believer in God and Jesus. I wouldn't have wanted to be a slave or be left out of Noah's Ark when the world flooded. I would loved to have met Jesus and walked with him. I don't know what I would have done after he was crucified but if I was there when he rose from the grave, that would have given me the comfort I needed. I would have known him personally and that would have been a blessing.

The Celtic Times. I would have liked to have been a Celtic Warrior and led men into battle. I can see myself with a sword and fighting against the Romans. Maybe I would have been like Xena. I have things I fear in this world but hopefully, I would have conquered my fears back then and been a great Celtic Warrior Princess. The Celtic Times didn't last but the Roman Empire fell, too.

The Medieval Times. I would have lived to been a Princess living in a castle. I would ride my horse everyday and have guards to protect me. Maybe I would have fallen in love with a knight and married him. He would be my Prince Charming. If I became Queen, I would have been a fair one. Maybe I would have dragons and unicorns for pets. This is the fantasy part but I love fantasy. Gypsies and pirates would have been my friends. Maybe I could have been a gypsy or a pirate. I like to think that there were nice pirates like Captain Jack Sparrow and Will Turner. Maybe I would have been kidnapped by bad pirates and a knight would have rescued me. I would have loved to have been a Princess, the lady of leisure.

Regency Times. If I couldn't have been a Princess, I would have been alright living in a mansion and being the Lady Of The Manor. I could have been a Duchess, Baroness or a society lady. As a young girl, I would have have had balls in my honor trying to find a suitor. After being married, I would drink teas, plan menus, go to charity functions and do what was expected of high society ladies. If I would have been a poor person, I would have probably worked as a bar wrench. I don't know if I could have been a nurse or writer back then. Maybe I would have been a actress. That I could handle.

The Victorian Times. I think of myself as a lady dressed in a Victorian winter clothes and singing Christmas Carols with other people who lived in those times. Maybe I would have been a high society lady drinking tea and helping other people if I had a lot of money. Maybe I might have worked in a restaurant. It would have been nice to ride in fancy carriages and ride horses. Maybe I could have been a Dress Designer.

Fast forward to the 1930's. I wouldn't have cared to live in the Depression Era but I am curious about the fashions and Bonnie and Clyde and John Dillinger. I don' think I would have gotten too close to them but John Dillinger had a house, a hide out by my Great Grandparents and I might have snuck in the woods and spied on him when he was there. Getting caught would have not been an option. Maybe I could have been friends with Bonnie Parker but not after she had taken up robbing banks. If I lived like one of the Waltons, that would have been alright. They were a happy family. They didn't need money to be happy. My Great Grandmother had an old house and she and Great Granddad had goats, dogs and cats. She scrapbooked pictures of family members and sent postcards to her friends. She cooked and enjoyed her life. She had a flower garden. I could have managed if I was like my Great Grandmother.

Last but not least. I have Cherokee blood in me. I am not sure how I would have done growing up in a reservation in the 1700's but I would have made jewelery, wove baskets, caught fish, made clothes of buckskins and I am sure I would have been happy. I would have loved learning Cherokee customs and spiritual ways. I read all I can about the Cherokees and learn about their ways.

Living in the past. This is what I hope my life would have been like if I lived in these years. I guess we can fantasize even though we will never know for sure. Dreams. This is what life is made of.

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