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by Jennyj
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A Writer's Cramp poem abdut kittens!
NEW PROMPT: Write a story or poem containing the following: Friday, an airline ticket stub, a page torn out of a book, and kittens.



It was an ordinary day, a Friday going well!
I knew that my sweet mommy-cat
had played the "kiss and tell"
that some girls play, but I did not suspect the end result
that very soon occurred; I forgot she was adult!
I wasn't quite expecting
the two presents she gave
because we had six other cats
--a crazy path they paved!
Her two small naughty kittens,
all snuggled in their bed,
could not have been much cuter,
and were sleeping, warm, well-fed!
And as they grew, they jumped around,
my night-stand shelf to spill;
its contents fell out on the floor;
my junk made quite a hill!
Memories fell in a heap,
from many diff''rent years
--the sight of them in view again
brought me close to tears!
My own airline ticket stub from my most recent flight,
a page from my old book,
a jumble kept from my past life--I hadn't seen for years!
So I have my small cats to thank, for digging out my stuff--
I just did not want two more cats--I knew we had enough!!

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