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If you thought the agility course was just for the Border Collie, think again.  While it is true that the Border Collie excels in agility (with honorable mention going to the Sheltie), almost any dog breed can be trained for the agility course.  It is not restricted to the any one breed, regardless of size or age.  Any dog that has a basic learning capacity can learn the agility course.  It is a fun recreational activity that offers exercise and mental stimulation (for you and your dog). 

If your dog has bounced off of the back of the sofa more than once, then, agility should definitely be a consideration.

The cutest dog I’ve seen on the agility course was the Miniature Yorkshire Terrier.  The most clumsy I’ve seen was the Great Dane.  The most graceful I’ve seen was the Standard Poodle.  I’ve seen a Springer Spaniel stop on a dime in mid course to point at the bird fluttering in the rafters of the ceiling.  But, they all had one thing in common.  They learned the agility course and they all had fun, owners as well as the dog.

If you’ve ever wanted an activity to join with your dog, then, agility just might be for you and your dog.  It is becoming a popular recreational activity.  Most training facilities in the Dallas area have included agility in their training programs.  There are also many individual trainers who specialize in agility.  Some people choose to train their own dog.

Once you have decided that agility might be an activity that you would like to pursue, it is important to choose your training method.  I do recommend a training facility with a professional trainer for beginners.  They have the space required and the standard, regulation equipment.  I do not recommend training your dog for agility without being fully acquainted with agility equipment to prevent serious injury to the dog. 

Before beginning training, it is a good idea to get a thorough vet check up to make sure your dog is in good condition for moderate to heavy activity.  Good vision is also important.  Impaired vision could result in serious injury to the dog.  Although no other special abilities are required, it helps if your dog can “sit” and “stay” reasonably well.

In the coming weeks, I will be bringing individual tips on training for agility and other recreational activities.  Stay tuned for insightful comments from trainers for a variety of information in the rewarding experience of training your dog.  I will also be bringing more information on recreational areas that provide for these activities. 

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