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Ever been in a crowd when someone has just fart crop dusted the area?
We've all been in a crowded pack of people and have suddenly fallen victim to a mystery fart crop duster. One minute you're talking to your friend and the next, you're gasping for air and playing detective. Was it the fat guy in front of you or the suspicious senior on your right?

For the farter, it's the perfect crime. Extremely hard to prove and very easy to blame on someone else. A quick wave in front of your nose and a look of disgust might as well be the equivalent of a passed polygraph test.

So why do people crop dust (see also Jet Wash)? Is someone angry and looking to seek revenge, even if it puts innocent people at risk? Was it an accident? Maybe they didn't think it would smell, only to deeply regret their decision seconds later. Do people randomly gravitate to the nucleus of a crowd, crop dust, and escape undetected just for the rush?

Can this be avoided? Let's say you're attending a seminar and the leader announces that there will be a five minute break. Should they add a quick line to prevent this from happening? "We're going to take our break now, so we'll see everyone back in five minutes. And as a courtesy, please no crop dusting on your way out of the room."

If you've ever been on either side of this situation, I'd love to hear some comments. Why did you do it? Were you embarrassed or unfazed? If you fell victim, did you investigate or just remove yourself from the situation. Thanks.
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