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by Sumeet
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This is the last part of 7 part series, "The otherside".
This is the last part of seven part series "The Otherside".
Prompt for this part is October.
Standard disclaimer: Please forgive me for terrible grammar, do give me feed backs for improvement as I'm going to edit it again.
Word Count:1032

Ravi is sitting on chair inside the sheriff's office. His left hand has almost recovered and now fingers are growing. His left eye has grown back though not fully and there is just a hole instead of left ear. He is silent and expressionless as if just waiting for it to get over.

Brett is standing in front of window looking outside.

Tony goes to pantry and gets a bottle of drinking water and asks is any one else wants water but no one bothers to reply. He then goes to Ravi and tries to break the ice
"Ravi, what would happen if by mistake two hands grow out instead of one?", Ravi just stares at Tony. Bad joke !

Brett comes back from the window.

"What if I break into two again?", Ravi asks in gloomy voice.

Tony looks at Brett to clarify what he thinks.

"Well I don't think that there is a real chance of binary fission again" Brett says

"How can you say that? Please don't say anything just to keep me in positive spirit.", Ravi says but in reality he is ready to listen to anything like this.

"Every thing was happening during interaction of universes", Brett says.


Brett didn't reply, he just goes out of the room. He starts walking towards the mud, at first dead slow but the speed goes on increasing and Tony who is watching him from inside the office is wondering what has happened.

Tony knows that asking him anything won't be of any help as Brett is prone to bantering and hallucinating. Tony just follows him from a distance. There is no need for Tony to follow him surreptitiously but he always wanted to be a secret service agent. This is the first time he got a chance to behave like a secret service agent, today has been the most happening day in his life.

Brett is looking for the other side of Ravi, he must have came from binary fission of Ravi. There was some movement in the bushes, he had seen that in the faint light of dusk. No one can be seen but on the ground there are signs of some one crawling. Some one crawling with only one hand!

It can be lethal, though that creature came out of Ravi but there is no surety that the creature is not going to be dangerous. Human is one of the most brutal species which doesn't need any real reason to kill and facing one human who mustn't have know compassion as he came out during fission and wasn't born can be really dangerous. Brett can listen to someone breathing in a shallow pit, this breathing sound is unnatural as any civilized person won't make so much noise.

Brett is wondering how can that creature make so much of noise, he is little afraid. He thinks of turning back and just go out of here. He takes a step back but then his curiosity gets better of him and he goes to pit.

He is standing near the edge of the pit, he looks inside. Pit is bigger than what he expected and two elephants can stand inside the pit without getting noticed.

It is very dark inside the pit and at first he cannot see anything inside. After may be thirty seconds he is able to see inside. There is a man sitting inside, looking just like Ravi whom they have left at the office, only difference being he is really hairy just like when they saw Ravi for the first time. This creature is surprisingly like Ravi as if it is his clone Brett observes.

"Same face with only hole in place of left ear, left hand little remaining" Brett talks to himself " but some thing is wrong, it should have been the right side of this creature rather than left side"
Something is not right and Brett goes closer to pit to have a better look, he looks around and there is another creature but with right side growing.
"So this guy here has gone through another nuclear fission" He is still talking to himself.
On looking further he can see another creature.
"Oh my, what is going on, how fast these creature are multiplying, where is fourth one, there cannot be three creatures",he turn back but his path is blocked by another of Ravi's other side with one hand and one leg.

"Shit, here it is", the creature grabs Brett by one, but very strong hand. Brett tries to break free but the creature won't let him to go free and he can see other creatures also crawling up because they have only one hand and one leg. Till now!

Brett is fighting for his life when a shot is heard and the creature fighting with him drops dead.
"Happy birthday! Sorry for the interruption in celebration." , Tony comes to Brett with his Remington.
Other two creatures crawl away.

Brett starts running with Tony.

"Thanks Tony!"

"It's okay"

"I like your style, 'happy birthday', when is your birthday"

"Still more than two months away, it's twenty October and by that time I'll get lot more opportunity to celebrate the birthdays. Of these creatures!"

They reach the office but enter slowly because they are not sure if Ravi has again gone through fission. They find Ravi fully dressed up with spare clothes in office. He smiles at them.

Tony makes fun of him "Your progeny and it's clan is real trouble."

Ravi didn't understand and Tony tells him everything that his other side is undergoing binary fission and multiplying rapidly and that they are really powerful.

Ravi thanks them and asks Tony if he can join him and hunt for the creatures because if they evolved from him then probably he can guess their choices.
Tony agrees and asks if Brett can use the language of his mind to look for the signals.

To this Brett replies
"So finally you are believing me. I'm at your service, lets go and start this game"

And the chase begins, they have to catch or kill all of the creatures before they can spread to whole of this world.
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