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A fallen oak provides a lesson in not giving up.

Pausing beneath the oak tree,
its form twisted, its heart laid bare,
I push aside the brush and debris.
As I touch its bark, I'm aware ...

Once tall and stately, this mighty tree
stood like a bulwark within the wood.
It fell to the lessons of history
by its very nature. There it stood
spreading its branches protectively
in a posture of shelter, yet its shadow cast
a darkness which diminished collectively
its competition, both future and past.

It suffered the fate of all its kind
by standing alone, unwilling to bend
in the face of the storms, undermined
by flaws and defects that transcend
a purpose deeply carved into its base
by the hands of those who planted it.
Now it lies shattered, alone in this place,
but even so challenged it won't submit.

Its roots are deeply sunk in the ground.
It will spread new branches into the light.
Over time, by its will, it shall rebound.
Once more it will grow and take up the fight
as all living things must. Again, leaves will gleam
in the sun's rays reflecting both spirit and dream.


An entry for "INSPIRATIONS [E]
Prompt: 7. pausing beneath the oak tree.

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