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second part of chapter one to my novel.
Ronan had always had a thing for the paranormal since he was a kid. Most people said it was an obsession . Hell maybe they were right but he didn't care. He loved ghost stories, vampires, hauntings,and all that went with it.The Vampires and witches were always the ones that called to him the most. Now at 29 that was still the case.

Ronan had always just thought it was because he spent most of his childhood til he was 10 in and out of fostercare . At 10 he was adopted by a couple named Philip and Mary Donnallan. He found out 8 years later that both his birth parents were killed.His mother in a drunken rage by his father.After his father had called 911 and before the police arrived he shot him self in the head. He did how ever know his mother's maiden name and with the full support of both his adopted partents changed his name from Ronan Donnallan to Ronan Ravencroft.

Stepping out of the shower and pulling on his pants he hears his cell phone ring and walks over to pick it up.His partner Det Jack Williams on the other end.
"Det. Ravencroft here".
"Ronan we have one I told the Chief you would want in on and couldn't pas up."
Ronan sighs.
"Oh really Williams What you got then?"
"Dead body near St Louis in Jackson Square near the fountian.15 minutes Ill fill you in when you get here."
He rolls his eyes.
"I can get there faster then that Jack. Im 5 6 blocks away tops. Be there in 5."
Sticking his cell phone in his shirt that he was putting on while talking to Jack he quickly puts on his shoes and grabs his jacket and car keys. He walked down the 2 flights of stairs to his black 1996 mustang cobra and got to the scene in just over the 5 minutes.

Ronan parked his car by Cafe Du Monde and and walked over to the fountain in Jackson Square. His partner walks over to him just as he gets to the body.
"Female victim between 5 foot and 5 foot 4.Her name according to her ID is Cassandra Malloy. She's 20 a student from LSU."
Ronan goes over and looks at the body.
"Okay then why should this interest me Jack?"
"Well no one knows what killed her. Something almost took her head clear off and the cut marks on her body don't appear to be made by any known weapon."
Ronan laughs.
"so what you think this is supernatural then?"
Jack looks at him.
"Come on Ron , Everyone here knows you and the creepy cases go hand in hand . If it isnt I owe you 100 bucks okay but if it is you owe me the 100. You do know the other guys call you the Occult cop right?"
Ronan looks at his partner and friend in mock shock.
"Do they now? Yes Jack I know dont worry. they thought I was off in the head back in Kansas. Here I am aware of it. NOLA has her own history with the occult, witchcraft and voodoo. I did my home work before coming here you know?"
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