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by Brem
Rated: 18+ · Novella · Sci-fi · #1586354
A man who lost everything chose to become a vampire to end his misery.
                                                Chapter Two
          Not long after I got out of the shower, we left the house. Annabel seemed real confident that the night will go well. She looked at me, smiling, looking happy. It was like she was glad she was no longer alone, to be able to be more relaxed and no worries. Seeing this, I put my hand on her leg, smiling back. Everything seemed different, things seemed out of place, as if I was out longer then a couple of nights. It worried me more then where I figured out where we were heading.
          “Annabel, how long was I out? Nothing seems right, like everything seems out of place.” I asked, trying to hide how worried I am.
          “I turned you two nights ago, on the fourth, tonight is the sixth. And stop worrying so much, Ross. You keep forgetting that you and your body have changed since Tuesday. Things seem different because your eyes have become sharper, you can see clearly at night, even in the darkest of places.” She replied
          I kept to myself after that, waiting to see where she pulls into. It was when I started seeing an increase in shops when I realized where we were heading. Still, I kept silent, not wanting to ruin her happiness. The mall seemed to be risky, but I didn’t question her, figuring Annabel knows what she is doing.
          Because of the amount of people being around this mall, it’s always a risk of being seen, but it’s also like a giant farm, filled with cattle. I don’t know what’s going to happen, where we are going exactly, but finding a loner around here shouldn’t be much of a problem. There are plenty of game stores, net cafes and other odd places to find a single target or two. But how do we get them to come with us? How can we feed out in the open with the person squealing and yelling for help or risk being seen as we feed?
        As all the things that can go wrong run through my mind, we pull into a space in front of a closing hobby shop. Annabel turned off the car and started adjusting her hair. I look around to see what’s around, whose around, and see what we are dealing with in the general area.
        “The owner of the hobby shop here has a son, about twenty years old, a real dead beat. He usually closes shop most nights, and judging by all the young people coming out, he’s here.” She stated, putting her makeup back in her purse.
        “Sounds easy enough, but what is the exact plan to get him to open up to us. Or are we going in for the kill willy-nilly, and leave?” I asked, not sure what’s going to happen.
        “He already knows me. I’ve already worked over the dead beat, just need to wait a few minutes while he closes shop and gets in the car.”
        “What do you mean by worked over? Did you show him your bear chest or something?”
        “Sort of, I told him I thought he was cute, and I would be picking him up to go to the club and meet some other women.”
        “He didn’t think otherwise?” I asked. Thinking things are too easy as she is making them out to be, I look at her and ask, “How do make things seem so simple?”
        “Because they really are so simple, you just have to find the right people. This guy here is a geek, always focusing games, and working on models. Hasn’t seen much action in his short life time, and his chances going beyond his dads hobby shop are slim to none. I just worked my good looks, and it was like butter after that.”
        “What are we going to do with him after he gets in the car?”
        “Pick up one more, a girl, then head to the club. It won’t be much longer; the thirst is starting to get to me too.”
        I turned on the radio as we continued on waiting for the kid to close up shop. It confirmed what Annabel said about only being out the last two nights, and nothing big has happened. It still bothers me, that while I was going through the transformation, she talked to my family. What was said between her, my mom and sister? But do I really have to worry so much? They might see it as me moving on, trying to get my life back together.
        It wasn’t much longer that we waited for the kid to come out of the shop. I have no idea what he is thinking when he dressed, but a Hawaiian button up and jean shorts isn’t exactly club type clothing. Then I noticed the back pack in his hand, and began to hope inside it is a change of clothes. Personally, I wouldn’t be caught living next to him with how’s he dressed now, and I can see Annabel is thinking something the same. She chuckled as I looked at her mouthing is he serious, and looking back at him.
        “His name is Jason, he knows me as Samantha. Like I said a few minutes ago, he thinks we are going to the club. He doesn’t know about you yet, simply because I didn’t know who I would be saving when I talked to him a few days ago.”
        “You had a choice did you? Tell me, what was your final decision to come to me? And what’s the name of the club, anyways?”
      “The club? I thought I told you, it’s called the V.I.P. Club. And I’ll tell you later why I chose you, Jason is coming.” As she said that, Jason was at the car, opening the back door behind her. He got in with a worrying look on his face, like I’m some kind of boyfriend Annabel didn’t tell him about. “Hello Jason, we will be heading off to the club shortly, just need to pick up one other, I think you might like her. Her name is Christina, same age as you. And don’t worry about Jack here, he works for me as a bouncer.”
        Jason nodded, not saying much other then thank you to the both of us. Annabel must have gone over things with him already, or he really is a person of few words. Or possibly nervous for what he thinks will be a fun night. I peer into the back, looking at his clothes, giving him a weird look. All he did was look back at me with a blank stare, as Annabel started up the car and backed out of the space. A few stores down, we stopped again, this time a small clothing store, with the girl already waiting outside.
        She got up is we pulled into a space in front of her, fixing her dress as she walked to the door behind me. She was obviously prepared before we got here, wearing a strapless black dress, her hair done up, with just a little make up, passing for some one that could be twenty-one. She got into the car all smiles and excited. Annabel introduced her to me and then Jason, who smiled awkwardly at her. Christina gave him a quick smile, and then started chatting with Annabel about the club.
        As we drove out of the parking lot, I could smell the two of them; the smell their blood coursing through their veins. The thirst began to build, I started getting a little antsy, and Annabel saw this and patted my shoulder. Looking at her, I could see the thirst building in her eyes. It was then I realized I had more than just the usual super strength and immortality; I began to read her thoughts as I continued to look into her eyes. I guess it is true that each vampire gets some kind of extra powers, though I doubt that each is unique. Than a thought popped into my head, if I can read thoughts, can I talk to people through thoughts?
        “Annabel, can you hear me?” I said in my head, to her.
        “Why wouldn’t I be able to hear you?” she asked out loud.
        “Are you on a blue tooth, Annabel?” Christina asked, as she was cut off when replying to me.
        Annabel looked at me, surprised and baffled. “No, no, I thought I heard someone ask me if I could hear them. But, continue, I’m still listening.”
        “Try to keep it to yourself next time. Figured this out when I looked into your eyes and began reading your thoughts. Seems I can only know what you’re thinking when I’m looking at you.” I said to her. “Let’s discuss this later, so they don’t think something is up.”
      We drove another ten minutes, and arrived at the club. The club doest open for another hour and people are already lining up to get inside. Going into the back, we got out of the car and went in one of the back entrances, leading us upstairs. At the top, a small hallway leading to a door with, “Office/ VIP room” spray painted on it.
    “Welcome to the lounge!” Annabel started, as she put the key into the lock. “This is where the real magic happens in The VIP Club. The lounge has a full view of the floor, separated by one way glass, its own little full service bar, a restroom for both sexes, and a few extra rooms off to the side. Feel free to relax, not many get the chance to come up here.”
    The four of us walked into the lounge, splitting off as each of us entered. Jason and Christina were in awe at the sight of the room, each trying to take in everything. Below us, the main floor still lay empty. Only a few are scattered along the floor, preparing the club for the night ahead. I began to think of how things will last if people keep disappearing from the club. Some one will notice, it will escalade and turn into an investigation.
         I pull myself away from the window and head to the bar. On the wall, top notch alcohol fills the shelves, and the bar itself is made up of oak, richly stained to give it a honey color, with honey oak stools lined up waiting for people to fill them. The floor is laid with marble tile and an elegant throw rug where the couch and sitting chairs stand. The walls covered with paintings and pictures. Modern style light fixtures hang from the ceiling spiting out just enough light.
         Annabel’s late husband must have been extremely rich for her to be able to get this place set up. This room alone cost more than the average family vehicle. It’s like I’m living a dream, it doesn’t seem right like everything else. But one thing is for certain, the thirst feels right and unlike anything I felt before. It’s similar to hunger and thirst plus a need for a drug fix all wrapped into one thing.
         “When are we going to feed? Those two are starting to smell more and more like a steak dinner.” I whispered to Annabel.
         “Soon enough, Ross, you just need to be patient. Controlling your thirst is something you have to learn and fast.” She replied.
         “Seems a little harsh, making me wait like this. Couldn’t you have made it a bit easier?”
         “I could have, but what would be the point in that? I’m trying to teach you everything you need in as little time as possible.”
         “But why rush it, though? Why can’t we take our time? It’s not like this club is going anywhere. Those two are occupied with what won’t happen, and we can take them now while they aren’t looking.”
         “It’s not time yet, I told you. Get a hold of yourself for another forty-five minutes, and you will get to feed on the girl.”
         “Fine, I just hope what ever you have in store works out.”
         “It will. Just have a seat, the bartender will be up here momentarily to serve us.” she said, making her way to Jason and Christina.
         I kept silent as she walked over to them, waiting to see what she does. So far, I am regretting changing into a vampire, though I doubt I had a choice. Nothing is adding up as I run everything that has happened in my head. What exactly happened at the bar when she met me? What is it that I’m not getting?
         “It’s nice to see that you two are getting along. Can I get either of you something, or answer any questions?” she asked.
         “Yes,” Jason said. “Which room should I change in?”
         “Any room is fine. Just go down the hall next to the bar, all the rooms are unlocked.” She pointed out. “How about you, I can mix basic drinks if you don’t want to wait a few minutes for the bartender.”
         “I can wait a few minutes for the bartender. Still thinking about what I want to drink.” Christina replied.
         “Care to sit down with me and Ross? The dance floor gets boring to watch when no one is dancing.” She said, moving back to the chairs.
         “So,” Christina said, sitting down in on of the chairs. “How did you find Jason? He’s a total nerd, and can’t stop talking about his dad’s hobby shop.”
         “I went into his dads shop the other day to pick up a model for my nephew. He was talking to friends and could tell he had no life, thought this might be able to help him out.” Annabel replied.
         “How about me then?” Christina asked.
         “You’re a hard working girl, who needs some well deserved pampering. Only this pampering you can’t legally get yet, so I stepped in. And by no means am I here to try to set you up with Jason.” She smiled.
         As she said that, Jason came out of the men’s room, wearing Dickies and a Famous shirt. He looked at the bar and said, “When is the bartender getting here?”
         “Um….” Annabel said, looking at her watch. “He’s late, but should be any second though.”
         “Sounds good.” He said, sitting down next to me on the couch.
         “As long as he knows how to pour beer from the tap, I’m happy. You have no idea how many I’ve seen that can’t.” I said.
         “This isn’t that whole in the wall you used to go to, I make sure they can bartend before they are hired….” She stated as the door into the room opened. “Speak of the devil, here he is. Why don’t you two go order your drinks? They are on the house tonight.”
        “So, what’s the plan?” I asked.
         “Get them drunk, obviously. Let them get comfortable enough to drop their guard, and when they are nice and comfortable, we do our thing.”
         “Why does everything seem so easy when you explain whatever is going on? It just seems way too easy and good to be true.”
         “Everything so far has been planned out ahead of time. Like I told you earlier, I knew I would be turning some one, and I had to set up some training exercises. And stop worrying, nothing is out of place, your just getting used to being your new self.”
         “Nothing feels right; I feel it in my gut under the thirst. It feels like something is gonna go down.”
         “Don’t make me regret choosing you, Ross. Just let everything fall into place and all will be fine.” She said, sitting next to me. “Neither of them have a high tolerance for alcohol so we get to feed soon.”
         The two we brought with us kept at the bar for awhile, taking advantage of the free alcohol and good nature of the bartender. The boy wasted no time getting drunk, slamming drink after drink with Christina not to far behind. Kids these days, once they start getting the drink in them, they don’t stop until they pass out. It seems like forever when the first opportunity opened up. The girl up and left the room to answer a phone call.
         “Is this my chance?” I asked telepathically.
         “Wasn’t planned, but make use of it. Make something up and take him to one of the rooms.”
         “What about the bartender?” I said, looking at him.
         “He’s a familiar, a vampire pawn, or in your words, a bitch. But it’s safe, so go ahead.”
         At that note, I got up from the couch and made my way to Jason. “Jason, come with me please. There are a few things we need to discuss before the night really starts.”
         “Sure thing boss,” he slurred, hopping off the bar stool.
         “Follow me,” I said once more, heading to the hall next to the bar. I opened the door of the first room we reached and let him in first. I honestly didn’t know what to expect once in the room or to do. Inside, the light was already on, casting its low light on a futon, love sack and a wooden chair.
         Like any drunk, Jason just stood there, taking in everything at a slow rate. Out of no where, the thirst kicked into over drive, taking over my body. I turned him around to face me, inching him back words to the bed.
         “S-so, what did you need to tell me. I wanna get back to t-the bar.” He mumbled.
         “That I am your worst nightmare.” I said, pushing him backwards into the bed. I leaped on top of him, pinning him and covering his mouth as I bit into his neck. Blood surged into my mouth from his punctured jugular, as I began to feed. As I drank, felt a wave of energy come over me, like life was coming back into my body. It was nothing like I felt before and I didn’t want it to end, but as I continued, I could feel his life draining away.
         When he started to gasp weakly, something told me to stop. I pulled off him, sensing he was close to death. It was than I noticed his face, full of fear and tears, trying to say something. I didn’t bother to figure it out and left the room. As I walked back into the main room, Annabel was sitting with Christina at the bar, chatting about boys, and how to flirt.
         “I’ll take Bud Light,” I said to the bartender.
         “Where’s Jason?” Christina asked.
         “Passed out in one of the bedrooms, said he wanted to sleep off some of the booze off before the party started.” I replied.
         “What a light weight. If you two will excuse me a moment, I need to use the restroom.” She said.
         “Go right ahead, first door on your left.” Annabel told her.
         Once the door closed, Annabel said, “That was quick. Went straight for the kill I take it?”
         “I was going to finesse it, but something took over me and went straight to it. It was nothing like I ever felt before in my life. There was this wave of energy crashing over me and felt as if life was coming back into my body."
        “As great as it is, the feeling won’t last. It’s like smoking for the first time. You feel light headed and a bit dizzy, than wears off after awhile and your just feeding the addiction.” She said. I could sense that she was happy under her calm exterior, and relieved that she didn’t choose a screw up.
         But I couldn’t see past that, it’s like she close her mind to any outside interference. A moment later, Christina came out of the restroom and took her spot back at the bar. I don’t know what Annabel was waiting for, but I knew her thirst had to be overwhelming by now. Is it possible that she set up two kills for me in one night to see how I will handle things?
         “So, Annabel, want me to take her into one of the rooms to go over everything before the night starts?” I asked, taking my beer from the bartender.
         “No need, I will take care of it. She needs to understand from a woman’s standing.” Annabel replied. “So, if please, Christina, head to the second room on the right. I will be with you in a moment.”
         “Sure,” Christina said, getting up.
         “She was for you,” Annabel stated with closed lips.
         “Didn’t know, I figured she was mine and the boy was yours or something. Don’t worry about me, I feel fine.” I said, pushing her towards the hallway.
         I can’t even begin to imagine what’s going through Christina’s mind, or even Jason’s as I attacked him. The fear and panic they must have felt, then be left to die, alone and scared. What does it really mean to be a vampire? Am I doomed to live an eternity as a monster, ruthlessly killing people, ending their lives to keep myself alive? The cycle of life is a mean one, but I never would have imagined it to be this vicious. And it’s far too late for me to turn back, I am a vampire, a pawn of death and a reaper of fear.
        “Even though I’m no longer what I used to be, beer still tastes as good as it always has. I’ll take another.” I said to the bartender.
         “You really need to take it easy, you’re not what you used to be, your body cant digest stuff like it used to. I’ve seen too many ignore the fact, and the consequence isn’t pretty. Just take it slow and you should be fine.”
         “So I’ve been told. I am curious to know what that point is now.” I said.
         “This isn’t the time or place, Ross. There is still plenty for you to learn tonight.” Annabel put in, wiping the corner of her mouth as she walked out of the room. “One person will only get you half way through the night at the most. A vampire’s metabolism runs faster than any humans, so we have to feed multiple times each night. Kind of like the three meals a day that normal people need.”
         “I see, so what is it you have in store for the rest of the night? Or are you going to keep me guessing like you have been?” I asked.
         “The answer is right below us, people are starting to poor into the club looking for a good time. We just have to be smart on how we pick up new people. With only the two of us, and you being new, I would say no more than two at a time.”
         “What are we going to say to them?” I asked.
         “Tell them what ever you want, be creative. Just don’t bring more than two up here at a time.”
         I had a fair idea in mind on what I was going say, if I was sent down. But, it would seem odd to exit the club in the back in order to get up to the lounge up here. I did notice when I took Jason into the room that the hall did turn right, but I didn’t think much of it. Looking down on the floor, people are filling up the bar, tables and dance floor, with the DJ cranking out techno. Only if they knew this place is a vampire feeding ground, they wouldn’t be so eager to start the night.
         “Easy prey,” I say to myself. It’s like a herd of cattle in a pen and all I have to do is randomly pick which one I want. It’s all so easy, fresh food coming in each night, all wanting to hit it big with some one or get hooked up.  And there’s obviously a way to hide the fact that people disappear from this club and some way to dispose of the bodies afterwards.
         “I hope you don’t mind I took a picture of you from your house.” Annabel said from the bar.
         “Why did you take a picture? I’m standing right here, just take one yourself.” I replied.
         “If it was that simple, I would have. We have an aura that surrounds us that makes it hard if not impossible to photograph us. It’s rare that a vampire gets his full image onto a picture, or onto video.”
         “Explains why no vampire has been caught before. Is it a choice, to try to get on a picture, or does it just happen?”
         “Some say it’s a choice that you can make, others say it just happens. I’ve kept away from pictures so I don’t risk putting myself out there.”
         “I never liked taking pictures anyways. And why did you take a picture?”
         “New employees get their pictures put up on a board down stairs next to the office. It’s a way for the bouncers to keep track at the door.” She said, looking at the picture she brought.
         “That’s good to know. Is there an easier way down to the floor other then going outside?” I asked.
         “Yeah, down the hall next to the bar, follow it right and take the stairs down. The code is two-one-three-five if you come back with out me. When did you take this picture?”
         “Don’t want to talk about it, that life is behind me now.” I said to her. “I’m going down to the floor, want to come with?”
         “I have to head to the office and check in with the managers. I’ll find you when I’m done if you’re still on the floor. And don’t be so edgy about your past, your still living it for your family.”
         “And dreading the day I have to leave my mom and sister behind. Let’s head down.”
         I didn’t know why, but when she asked about the picture, it flared up the rage I had when they were killed. It’s behind me, in my past life, and it’s something still painful enough I don’t want to discuss it. Being with Annabel is the only thing going for me now, and I have to make the best of it.
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