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Is the natural state at rest, or in motion? Where did conscious life originate?
What is life? Where did it come from? Where did it start? How am I conscious? Did life come from nothingness? These are questions everyone wants to know, but no one can know. Religion tells us that God was the beginning, or that there was no beginning and there will be no end. But can that really be?

I believe in God and Jesus Christ, our savior. But I keep asking myself those questions about life. Conscious life and sentient life. Where did it come from? Where does anything come from?

An object at rest will stay at rest unless acted upon by an outside force.
-Sir Isaac Newton

...and the same can be said about an object in motion.

What is the natural state of an object? Is it not rest?

Look at everyday objects. They are stationary, static, but that is only because they are being acted upon by the Earth's gravity. Our world is static and stationary.

However, Earth isn't stationary. It orbits the sun in a constant and eternal dance.

Whenever we start something new we begin with nothing and we build up, correct? Say you open up a Microsoft Word window, it opens a blank page, right? Nothing there.

I can't speak for everyone, but I know that whenever I think of something beginning I always think that it starts blank and gets filled in.

I think of the universe as an entire object. If it started at rest, then there would be nothingness, right? How can so much, if anything, come from nothing? Natural law shows us that nothing can come from nothing.

That leads me to believe that the natural state of anything is not rest, but motion. Perhaps that is what was meant by God when he said "there was no beginning". There was always life, because nothingness is unnatural, so life did not need to "begin". We didn't just appear one day, we always were. Life always existed.

I'm not saying God didn't create life, because I believe he did. I'm saying that he might not have created the original life. Perhaps he was the original life, or the original life is still out there. Perhaps we were all the originals and he just created a new "life" for us.

An alternate theory is that Life did not originally exist and we were lifeless beings, but if we were conscious does that not mean we were alive? I digress...maybe God created life for himself and then us.

Did God lie to us? I don't see anywhere that God has said anything to disprove my claims (then again, I haven't searched as hard as I could).

I do not believe that God would lie to us for no reason, but think of this: our parents on Earth sometimes lie for our own protection. Think of a young child whose hamster has died.

"Why isn't Charlie moving, mommy?"

"Oh, he's just sleeping. Tell you what, I'll take him somewhere where he can rest better, okay?"

The child would not have understood death. He would not have understood why the hamster would never come back because he was too young. We, as a people, are very young. We have only been alive for a couple thousand years. Perhaps we are too young to understand the universe we live in, and God must say certain things to allow us to grow up. He is not an evil information-hiding entity. Far from it. He is wise beyond our comprehension if he is doing so.

I am religious, but I am also a thinker, a scientific christian, if you will. I do not believe God would wish us to not think of anything greater than him or beyond him. For right now, of course, we must follow him and do as he teaches us through the prophets, but soon we will outgrow him as we now outgrow our parents. I am not belittling God at all. If anything, I am praising him for being our Heavenly Father, allowing us the freedom to think for ourselves without punishment. God has given me my mind and allowed me to use it, and I thank him and take him up on his offer.

That's for all you blindly religious zealots out there who would call me a sinner for thinking free.
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