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Some times it's not what they say... it's what you hear. (Humor)
Pearls of Wisdom
(An Anniversary Poem)

Dawn arrived on our Anniversary Day -
a time when men's dreams go astray.
Shower running and through the steam
I heard my wife say "I had a dream...

I'm not sure what it could have meant."
I froze in place, still as cement.
"You had a dream?" I asked in fear
knowing my fate would soon be clear.

"I dreamt about a strand of pearls
that would be the envy of the girls.
Their luster, soft and warm and bright,
somewhere between ivory and white.

I wonder what it could have meant?"
I tried to refrain from any comment
but knowing that would start a fight
I said "Be patient. You'll know tonight."

That evening, when I got back home,
there waiting, like some garden gnome,
she actually met me at the car
and escorted me to the boudoir!

She poured hugs and kisses most freely
although I think that she was frisking me
until I placed a box before her eyes.
"For me?" she squealed. "What a surprise!"

Her eyes grew wide as did her smile,
which only lasted for awhile.
As she opened the gift, lovingly wrapped,
her full attention was entrapped.

There, amidst the paper and bow,
as I watched her eyes narrow
and she stifled joyous screams...
lay a book: "Understanding Dreams!"

I should heal soon...

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